Daily Archives: July 12, 2013

TGIP: Stacking for max benefits

TGIPIt’s TGIP and yes, I am so glad to have another payday I’m doing my best to stretch it so far it screams ;p and one way to really make it last is stacking.

Stacking is combining sales, rebates, coupons, points programs and rewards together to get the maximum good deal you can.  We just did that this week with our new microwave by stacking three layers of savings on the purchase.

First, when we needed a new microwave we waited until we could get a super deal.  That came at Kmart online during their Independence Day sale.  A well rated microwave went $23 cheaper than we could find it anywhere else.  We knew it was time to buy.

microwaveWhen I do ever buy anything from Kmart I use their rewards program.  Usually I get points for not actually spending anything because I have stacked coupons, sales and clearance items to get something free and with points awarded.

As a result, I had enough Kmart reward points to save $8 off the sale price.  I chose in store pick up to get free shipping.  As a final stack, I shopped through the Swagbucks Kmart link which awarded me nearly 300 swag points which is nearly enough to redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card.

  1. I waited for a sale.
  2. I used a store promotion to get free shipping.
  3. I used my instore rewards for another discount.
  4. I went through another site that rewarded my for shopping at Kmart.

Now we have a $120 retail microwave for $51 dollars as a result of the fourway stack.  And I have a $5 giftcard coming for something else.

Stacking works in other ways too.  Tomorrow I am going to give blood and again in September.  As a result I will have dinner for two at Outback Steakhouse, a free movie tickets and a $10 giftcard to Walmart as a result of combining a few different give blood promotions.  I keep an eye on clearance items because often I can get them free with a coupon, and if the company has a rewards program even better.  If there is a rebate on the item, or something to redeem like Cokerewards program that’s just more stacking goodness.

Who doesn’t want to get the most for their money?  Don’t accept a few cents off with gratitude.  Start stacking your savings and watch your money pile up.