Daily Archives: July 13, 2013

I’ve been converted to country…

Margie and I get a photo with Parker so we can boast when he gets his first Grammy ;p

I’l admit that the only reason I accepted the invitation to listen to Parker James Willingham’s show July 13 is because his manager is on top of things, a.k.a. she nicely pestered me.

It wasn’t anything wrong with Parker – he has a great website, an album coming out in a month or two and he seemed like a nice, talented guy.  I just don’t like country music much.

When I did agree to go I planned on heading in for a few songs, get my photos and info, set up for an interview and jet.  I asked my dear friend Margie, who loves country music, to come along so at least someone would get some enjoyment out of the experience.  I couldn’t have been more wrong – we stayed until nearly the end of the show.

Willingham changed my mind.  He’s a talented, charismatic boy next door that’s as comfortable in the lime light as he is hiking through the bayous of Northwest Florida where he grew up.  His friendly good looks have earned him plenty of first glances… his entertaining onstage banter, genuinely well written originals and vocals that run through the audience like hot butterscotch over a scoop of vanilla keep his crowds riveted.

If you have an opportunity to hear Parker James Willingham live don’t miss it -this much charm is sure to find its way to the top.  As for me, I’m planning to catch his next show in Valparaiso on August 10 at the Boathouse Landing and do something I’ve never done before.

Buy a country music CD.

Find out more:

Hear samples of his music and find out all the details on his website, parkerjameswillingham.  Like him on Facebook and stay updated.  See his website for show details.