Daily Archives: July 26, 2013

Changing directions, finding direction

dandelion on black compassI’ve tried to broaden my blog topics to show what a multifaceted person I am, but in reality if I’m not writing then I am either thinking or talking about writing.  You’d think after sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week tapping away at a computer that I’d be sick of it by the time I came home.  Nope.

Writing is the only thing in my life I can ever remember doing with passion.  I’ve dabbled in many things and want to explore all things, but when the dust settles I am sure to be found scribble tapping out all the details.  I’ve decided to fight it no longer.  Excuse my one track mind, but this blog needs to be about all things word worthy.

I’m keeping the name Dandilyon Fluff because that’s how I see words.  Like a flower gone to seed, the slightest puff of wind can send words blowing across the world to take root in fertile minds and blossom into good ideas.  Use your words well for you never know where they may take root, or what they may grow into.

And I hope you will enjoy, and join me, in this new direction which is really just finding direction.