Daily Archives: August 4, 2013

$9 gas in our future?

Photo courtesy of Ryan Smith

Last Sunday this is what we saw at the brand new gas station being built around the corner.  Yes, the sign really says a gallon of unleaded for $9.87.  This is an original, untouched photo.

The gas station isn’t open yet, so I assume some anonymous worker put the price up as a joke but it still makes me wonder… is this the future?

The headlines were all over the news last week;

poor folks

So where is this improving economy I keep being told about?  Everyone I know seems to be missing out.  Conversations turn on how high prices are and how low their income is. We feel like everyone has their hand out and our pockets are empty.  They can’t take more of nothing, we laugh.  Laughing, at least, is still affordable.

Seeing the gas station advertise gas at nearly $10 has to be a joke… or were they making a prediction?  What do you think?