Poetry Slam Sunday?

stain glass angelLast week I had so much fun sharing an old poem I wrote I thought about trying to do a regular poetry night here on my blog.  There’s all sorts of interesting things to do with poetry – my mind is teeming with the possibilities.  Share with me and I’ll be glad to post yours as well.  Leave a poem of yours in the comments or send  it to me here:

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Until I get some poems to share, I’ll share another of mine.  This was written a few years ago during an emotionally devastating time in my life.  When I read over it now it brings back sad memories and a sense of gratitude that all that is in the past.

Disclaimer: I have been criticized in poetry groups before because I like to rhyme my poetry.  I still like it like that.

Fallen Angel

Fallen angel looking to the sky

Every star wilts her soul helping her to die.

Tasting heaven once enough to know what she’s denied

Crying…laughing…swallowing and accepting all the lies.

Falling through a sunset – grasping at the air

Wandering through a life that was never really there.

Embracing all things dark but can’t quite snuff the light

Meandering in circles between what is wrong and what is right.

Dwelling in dark places to taste a bit of moon

Stretch her heart with pain to create a little room

To drink in all the sorrow of the lost souls that she meets.

With eyes full of blank shadow she accepts that life’s a cheat.

Fool her once and she’ll come running

Fool her twice and she’ll be back

Denying all who care for her

Embracing all the lack.

Fallen Angel, darkened angel

Once dwelling in the light

Has turned her back on heaven

To fade into the night.

Speaking of angels... I couldn't resist sharing this photoshopped picture of one of my angels :D

Speaking of angels… I couldn’t resist sharing this photoshopped picture of one of my angels :D


About Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, author, and publisher with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She is a Bram Stoker Awards® Finalist and HWA Mentor of the Year for 2020. She co-publishes Space and Time, a publication dedicated to fantasy, horror and science fiction since 1966. Join the community at spaceandtime.net
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5 Responses to Poetry Slam Sunday?

  1. helen teasdale says:

    I remember those dark days. you have come a long way baby

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  3. What a wonderful poem, sad but beautiful.

    If you are still in need of poems for your blog I have a ton of them. Here’s one I wrote to go with Ruined City:

    Of Ashyr and Isandel

    We walked among the honeypetal violets,
    mingled with the aroma of the seraroses,
    and in the starflame, sipped ascenflower tea.
    We watched the flittery grassbugs hop
    and whistwhile ate sweetful bumbleberry pie.
    In the grace-touched garden of the Sapphire Palace.

    We fell in love.

    • I love this! You are on my list already to ask to be a featured poet… September 8 is free. I’m starting to post them on a schedule as I get them penciled in. I’ve always loved your dark work… please be my poet :D Email me 2-3 shorter pieces. If the 8th doesn’t work for you pick whatever open Sunday you want. The schedule is here: http://angelaysmith.com/schedule/

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