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TGIP SquareWelcome to another TGIP, the weekly post where I explore ways to not be a starving artist…!

This last week we had a few extra expenses coming up.  Thanks to my Google calendar organization (last week’s post) I was able to clearly see the upcoming expenses and plan how I was going to pay for them.  We decided to go the Craigslist route.

Writers and artists should take advantage of their skill set for practical purposes.  I wrote up short, engaging listings and took photos to sell off extra stuff that was causing clutter anyways.  Within a week we had raised the extra funds we needed and then some.  Cleaned closets and fat wallets?  Count me in!

Here are some of the best tips I have found for successful Craigslisting from Money & Potatoes:

1.       Research the item you’re trying to sell

2.      Know what price to put on the item

3.      Build some wiggle room into your price

4.      Be realistic with your price

5.      Use pictures in your ads

6.      Spell check your ad

7.      Don’t put your phone number in your ad

8.      Double check all info you post about the item

9.      Post it in the right category

10.   If your listing hasn’t sold after a reasonable amount of time, re-list it

11.    Meet in a public place to do the sale

12.   Don’t get scammed

13.   Make sure you keep your appointments to meet the buyer

14.   Make yourself accessible to the buyer

15.   Bundle Items

16.   Don’t get pushed around by buyers

Read the post from Money & Potatoes in its entirety.

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