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Guest post: Sarah Butland, author of Arm Farm

Are you haunted by the past? We’re always told not to focus on or live in the past and yet our history has created us and shapes what our future may hold. Natalie, the main character of Arm Farm, is … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam: Angela Winfield

It’s already Sunday and I am back from playing hooky.  I’ve been absent celebrating 3 years of marriage to the most wonderful man in the world and recharging my batteries.  It was a long week… and the death of my … Continue reading

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New weekly feature: Amy Eye!

I am so excited to welcome the brilliant editor, Amy Eye from The Eyes for Editing, to Dandilyon Fluff as a regular blogger.  Every Wednesday Amy will be here to impart her wisdom and insight for us… and she’s fun … Continue reading

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Michael D. Pitman on Journal Jabber

Listen in tonight on Journal Jabber: Michael D. Pitman, a frequent contestant in the Iron Writer’s Challenge and a news reporter for “The Middletown Journal,” a daily newspaper. Pitman is going to share the challenges and import of non fiction, … Continue reading

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Mr. Bonejangles: #84,553 Paid in Kindle Store

Mr. Bonejangles, #84,553 Paid in Kindle Store There is a world where karma has a mind of its own and tyrants are rewarded with the fruits of their labor, a place where justice hides, waiting to pounce from the … Continue reading

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Sunshine on the outside, shadows within…

Today I read about another atrocity and looked at the photos. Afterwards, I had a good cry and had the intense urge to write something horrible. In the process I answered a question for myself. Why do I write dark … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam Sunday: Ken Books

Okay, Poetrycats, it’s time to don your black berets, turtlenecks and pretend like a pencil is a cigarette because we are getting ultra cool with words at this week’s poetry slam.  Play some jazz, turn down the lights and trip … Continue reading

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My first!!!

I just had my first – that magical first that writers all dread and anticipate equally.  What if I wasn’t good enough?  What if I was terrible?  What if I was amazing?  Our emotions go up and down until someone … Continue reading

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Iron Writer’s: Bring it ON!

The idea is simple: 4 authors compete over 4 days using 4 surprise elements or prompts with a 500 word limit.  It takes a lot of thought to weave the surprise elements into the story seamlessly and in such a … Continue reading

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Swagbucks Alert!!!

Hey everyone — Swag Code Alert! Here’s the new Swag Code available on  ListenUp (4 SB) 10am-11:30am on Blog (US) Facebook (UK/IE, CA)  Make sure to go to Swagbucks to get your free Swag Bucks before time runs out! … Continue reading

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