My first!!!

I just had my first – that magical first that writers all dread and anticipate equally.  What if I wasn’t good enough?  What if I was terrible?  What if I was amazing?  Our emotions go up and down until someone takes charge and gives us our first.  Each time we come out with something new we are back to that amazing, terrifying first.

Booklover gave me my first review on Bonejangles yesterday, and I’m so thrilled to see something on the page, filling up the empty review portion.  Good or bad, in this case very good, I am always so thrilled to get feedback on my work.  All of it is read, pondered and taken into the next book where I hope I can improve.

Booklover, thank you for being my first with Bonejangles.  End of Joon is hot on his heels.

bonejangles first review

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