What is it about Niceville?

nicevilleWhen I first started working in Niceville I knew I had found someplace special, and we started looking to move here almost immediately.  I’ve been told that there is only one town named Niceville in the entire world.

Originally named after Nice, France, to portray a high brow European town, the Niceville we know and love now has kept that European open minded quality but rather than being snobbish it has an air of friendliness and acceptance.  When you come to Niceville, you are made welcome.

I’m not the only one that sees something special here.  Niceville appears in a number of books, movies and stories as a place that inspires the imagination.  From Jonathon Stroud’s book titled Niceville, a horror set in a fictional town of the same name to Jonathon Gunger’s book 34/4, which is set in the real Niceville, this is the little town that sticks with you.

The popular movie, “The Help”, is named Niceville in some other countries, and the likes of Tobuscus and All American Rejects have called this town home.  The Bay Beacon, the paper I work for, was even just on David Letterman!  So why all the interest in one small town?

Here’s some of the places I’ve found Niceville in popular culture…

Niceville The Help

Niceville 1Niceville 2

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