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Amy December Ad 2Amy Eye is my editor and I would use no other.

She has always gotten my work not only copy edited, but formatted and content edited as well.  My books and stories are so much better because of her suggestions.  The character of Joon in End of Joon was slated to vanish into the night but Amy suggested I write her in to continue.

I took her advice and the feedback from readers has been positive.  Beta readers that read both versions have commented that they are happy Joon will remain in the story.  I’m happy as well.  Amy pushed me into making a better book.

That’s what editors are for.  They not only check for misplaced punctuation, but they can also give authors feedback on how our stories are perceived by others.  Amy is a pro at all she does and I couldn’t do what I do without her.

Right now, for the month of December, Amy is running a seasonal special – sign up for a book series and get 20% off all the books in that series.  You can bet I have signed up the End of Daze series for that!  Visit Amy at and let her make your story shine.

Amy December Ad

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