Getting Wild with Terri Fedonczak

At  author Terri Fedonczak classy book release party.

Me, left, at author Terri Fedonczak’s classy book release party.

I have good reason for posting late tonight. I was out with my BFF Margie at a splendid book release party for Terri Fedonczak and her new book, Field Guide to Plugged-in Parenting, Even if You Were Raised by Wolves

The party was at One 20 A Modern Bistro and the hors d’oeuvres were amazing. Terri herself is a lively spirit moving comfortably from fan to fan, signing books and playing gracious hostess to a tee.  You will probably never enjoy a book release party of such high caliber from me, and I give Terri four stars just for presentation.

Wish you could meet Terri Fedonczak too and hear all about how a trip to Africa watching lionesses hunt sparked some amazing new ideas that she shares in her book?  Hopefully you can soon – I invited Terri onto Journal Jabber so we should have her on the schedule soon.  Cross your fingers!

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