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Free for ReviewsI need to get back on the horse and start marketing my books.

Recently I’ve published End of Joon and Mr. Bonejangles & Other Tales of Dark Karma and I’ve barely squeaked a peep about either of them.  I promise it’s not because I’m ashamed of them or too humble.  Honestly, I’ve just been too busy.

I’m going to start experimenting with marketing again to kick myself in high gear with a goal of one new thing a week.  Then the next week I’ll try something new, and report on how the last one did.  Tonight, as my experiment, I signed one of my books, End of Mae, up on The Fussy Librarian.

I got the idea from Mark R. Hunter’s blog post on “Getting the (written) word out.”  He said he signed his book up on this suggested reading site and saw sales.  Not stellar sales, but as any author that’s been around long enough knows, sales are sales.  Last quarter all my books combined earned me enough to throw a pizza party.  I was ecstatic.

I immediately signed up End of Mae, the only book of mine that filled the 10 minimum review requirement.  We shall see what happens when it gets scheduled to be on a list.  In the meantime, that brings me to another good point.  I need more reviews on End of Joon (at two reviews) and Bonejangles (at five reviews) to apply them for the lists.

To remedy that, I’m offering both ebooks for free on Amazon from midnight tonight until midnight Saturday.  I don’t want your money, I want your honest reviews.  When I get to ten reviews on each I’ll try those out on the Fussy Librarian and let you know how they did.

Please, download, read and do a simple review on Amazon and I’ll let you know if The Fussy Librarian worked for me :)

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Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, author, and publisher with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She is a Bram Stoker Awards® Finalist and HWA Mentor of the Year for 2020. She co-publishes Space and Time, a publication dedicated to fantasy, horror and science fiction since 1966. Join the community at
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