Having fun with books: Crystal Clifton

JJ5Today I’m thrilled to have author Crystal Clifton on Dandilyon Fluff to tell us about her children’s books, Thimble Kisses and Jefferson the Colorful Caterpillar.  She will also be our guest on Journal Jabber this afternoon and you can listen in here.

Camera profile BW eyesTell me about your books.

JJ1I have two published works one is Thimble Kisses I wrote it about an event that happened with my kids when they were little. The other is Jefferson the Colorful Caterpillar I wrote back in 1997 on my oldest daughters Birthday.

Camera profile BW eyesWhat inspired your stories?

JJ1Thimble Kisses was inspired by my kids from when they were children. Jefferson I wrote on a whim one day after picking my oldest son up from school and he told me he had been made fun of because his hair cut was not up the the other kids standard. He grew up to be a wonderful runner and one of the most popular kids in school.

Camera profile BW eyesWhere do you want to see these go? (series, movie, etc.)

JJ1Oh man If Jefferson could become a children s movie I would be in heaven but if Thimble Kisses could be a Christmas Classic like Charles Dickens(I know I am reaching) LOL I would be over the Moon.

Camera profile BW eyesCan you tell me about your marketing?

JJ1I promote my books through mostly social media on Facebook, Google, Goodreads and twitter. I make my own promo banners as well.

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