Jonathon Gunger, 34/4, Niceville and More

Gunger-BookIt’s Groundhog Day, again, and in the spirit of the holiday we have author Jonathon Gunger visiting, again, to talk about his book, 34/4.  Jonathon was on Journal Jabber last fall, and now he is returning today to share more insight into his excellent book.  Since we last talked I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jonathon in person as well as finding the time to delve deeper into his story.  Listen to today’s interview here!

The tale of 34/4 is one of humanity distilled into the a family.  They are struck with calamity, and each of them reacts in different ways.  The story of 34/4 is one all of us live through.  Trials and tribulations will come to us all.  We choose what we will build with the materials we are given.

To celebrate this inspiring book, I have an interview from Jonathon here, we will be chatting with him live on Journal Jabber today at 2 p.m. CST and he has agreed to giveaway two download cards to get free ecopies of his book. And now, from Jonathon Gunger himself…

Camera profile BW eyesFor anyone not familiar with your book, can you give us a summery?

GungerThe story begins in January 1976. The United States is full of optimism and preparing to celebrate the bicentennial with exuberance because the Vietnam War is over and we are moving past Watergate. But all is not well in the small town of Shelton, Connecticut; there, the Taylor family is dealing with the results of events that have been thrust upon them on by a frozen New England river.

Bill Taylor, a husband, father, and engineer with a bright future, deals with tragedy by hiding in a bottle. Anne Taylor, a wife and mother, must decide if she can persevere and save their family, or does she now want the romance and excitement being offered by the man with the sparkling blue eyes. Peter Taylor is growing up in this chaos and stumbles as he comes of age and attempts to find purpose in his life.

After a great deal of soul searching the family decides to pursue an opportunity and a new beginning so they escape to the small town of Niceville in Northwest Florida.

Camera profile BW eyesWhat is the inspiration behind 34/4?

GungerI have been able to meet some amazing people and for some reason they invited me into their home and took time to speak to a long haired twenty something year old rock tosser. They gave me a great deal of perspective and inspiration and I felt that if they shared it with me, I should share it with others. From Generals, to scientists, and survivors of occupation they all believed the title of this book to be true and I have found the title to be true more than once.

Camera profile BW eyesIs this based on real events in your life?

GungerMany of the events in this book are based on real people and real events. Most of the names have been changed to protect the guilty, and a few of the characters are composites, but there are many things and many people who are real. Frank Van Lenten, Hillbilly Bill, Mrs. Anderson, Grandpa Nevers, Joe and Jeff Nevers, Art Evens; They all helped to shape my life, and I owe them I debt I can never repay.

Camera profile BW eyesCan you share your favorite passage?

Gunger“Reach your hands in there and grab a big handful, it won’t hurt you. Now listen to me, son, there are two kinds of —- you can get yourself into. This kind of —- you can wash off, but the stench from the other kind will make you smell for the rest of your life. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

“Life’s hard, son, and it damn sure isn’t fair. I don’t know all the answers. Hell, I don’t know all the questions, but I do know this. If you keep looking back, you can’t go forward without crashing. Do you understand what I’m saying? Don’t let the past destroy your future. You’re alive, and it’s up to you to make that mean something.”

Camera profile BW eyesWhere can we find you and your book?

GungerOnline and at all the usual suspects: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bayou Books in Niceville, Sun Dog Books in Seaside. Any bookstore that doesn’t have it in stock, can get it for you. In a few days I hope to have the paypal working properly at my website,, So that people can order a personalized copy from there.

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