Eat Your Dandelions

Frank Smith Dandelion Bar

dandelion heartI obviously love dandelions.

Carol C. sent me a message the other day asking me how a weed became my favorite flower. I will be glad to explain, and have my blog post done for the day :)

A long time ago when all my children were young, I ran a day car out of my home. I loved doing this and had a lot of fun with the kids. Every day before lunch we would take a walk to get some exercise and the six kids in my care became obsessed with picking flowers to bring me.

Unfortunately, this sweet gesture usually involved someone’s flower garden and I was having a hard time teaching them the difference between a wildflower in the play yard and a planted flower in someone’s garden.

a dandi 3One day I hit upon the idea of saying my favorite flower was the dandelion. They were easily distinguishable and no one would be complaining to have a group of flower pickers rid their yard of them. The idea worked like a charm and before I knew it I had armloads of dandelions and no more guilt over stolen posies.

Later, when I found out more about the dandelion, it really did become my favorite flower. Shining in the grass like golden coins, the humble little flower blesses everyone around whether they receive it or not. The dandelion isn’t kind only to those who love her, but to everyone, even those that seek to destroy her.

Besides all that, every part of the dandelion can be consumed and is healthy. You can have dandelion wine,  add the toasted roots to your coffee, eat the leaves as salad and the blossoms as fritters. I’ve never really eaten dandelions myself, but after coming across this great post on all the uses for this sweet flower, I just might try a dandelion salad to celebrate spring.

Thanks Carol C. for this post’s inspiration, and thank you Frank Smith for the amazing macro photos of dandelions :D

Frank Smith Dandelion Bar2

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