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UnderGlass: Step Away from the Glass

Be honest – charity is often selfish. We gather under the waving banner of the latest cause to show what good people we are. I’ve done it – I sent my donation, bought the T-shirt and the magnet is on … Continue reading

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#TBT: Writing Epiphany

It’s Throwback Thursday! Ryan getting his visa last week has caused me to reminisce about when we first hit American soil, and applied back in 2011. When we first got back to the U.S. I was so excited to have … Continue reading

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Actually IN the News

I do a lot of things at our paper – write, photograph, Photoshop, layout and provide comic relief mainly, but I also sometimes do graphics, answer phones and, very occasionally, I help with distribution. The one thing I hardly ever … Continue reading

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Barney’s Book Trailer—Legend (wait-for-it) Dary

Did you know there are awards dedicated to the best book trailers, similar to Emmys and Grammys? In September 2007, the School Library Journal established the Trailie Award for the best book trailers. There are three categories: author/publisher created, student … Continue reading

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Has Publishing Killed the Joy of Writing?

I love reading Alexander Zoltai’s blog, Notes from An Alien, because he always has alternative viewpoints on the art of writing. Take a recent share he did from an author who is losing her joy of writing thanks to the … Continue reading

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Week Goals: Back to the Keyboard

It’s back to my computer this week to get some book work done. I’ve had a good rest, but now I am ready for writing. I’ve jotted down a few ideas and story starts in the past week or two, … Continue reading

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Pace Wins the Race

I’ve mentioned how exhausted I was at the beginning of this year. I took my 24 collapse/sleep as a warning. Apparently we really do need rest when we are sick. I took the betrayal of my body as a reminder … Continue reading

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UnderGlass: Pet Ponderings

For some of us, the reality under glass is more intense and pleasurable than the one we live in. This has benefits – taking out the person to person element in a relationship is safe. If things go sour, we … Continue reading

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#TBT: Interview with ‘The Frugal Zealot’

It’s Throwback Thursday and I’m heading back to one of my favorite interviews ever – Amy Dacyczyn, creator of The Tightwad Gazette. I still remember the day I interviewed her. I was so nervous my voice was shaking and my … Continue reading

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One of Many

Saw this graphic on my Facebook this morning and thought it was a good reminder for all of us that at the end of the game it doesn’t matter  how rich, smart or well dressed we were. It will be … Continue reading

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