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20150527_222906I have a big stack of books I’m working my way through that I picked up at WHCon and I thought I’d share what I’m reading now. I rarely own paper books anymore and was impressed enough with my collection I had to take a pic. Look kids, this is the way books used to look in the old days (that was a joke, don’t unfriend me ;p)!

Soul CutterRight now I’m halfway through Soul Cutter by Lexa Cain. Set in Egypt, it’s suspenseful and exotic. I’m hooked enough that I considered skipping my blog post for the night and ordering take-out so I could just read. Being cheap won out along with my obsessive-compulsive blog habit.

From Amazon: The Soul Cutter is hunting again.

Seventeen-year-old Élan spends her free time videoing psychic scams and outing them online. Skepticism makes life safe—all the ghosts Élan encounters are fakes. When her estranged mother disappears from a film shoot in Egypt, Élan puts her medium-busting activities on hold and joins the search.

In Egypt, the superstitious film crew sucks at finding her mom. When a hotel guest is killed, whispers start—the locals think their legendary Soul Cutter has come back from the dead. Élan’s only ally is Ramsey, a film-crew intern, but he’s arrogant, stubborn—and hiding dangerous secrets.

When Élan discovers the Soul Cutter is no scam, she finds herself locked in a deadly battle against a supernatural killer with more than her mother’s life at stake.

Élan’s fighting for her very soul.

All Those Broken AngelsNext on my list is All Those Broken Angels by Peter Salomon. I love the cover – to me it communicates something comfortingly sinister. Sounds like a creepy but sad story.

From Amazon: Richard Harrison was the last person to see his friend Melanie alive. She vanished when they were six, and while the police never found her, a part of her remained—a living shadow that became Richard’s closest friend.

For ten years, Richard has never questioned the shadow that keeps him company . . . until a new girl moves to town, claiming to be Melanie.

All Those Broken Angels is a story of buried bones and shadowy secrets and the freedom that can only come from a journey through darkness.

Night of the Living Inflatable Love DollsAnother book I’ve been eager to get into is Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls by J.H. Glaze. If anything, the horrifically hilarious cover hooked me. Irreverent and original, I’ve excited since I picked it up to dig in.

From Amazon: From a ruptured, spurting vein of the cult zombie classics you love, comes a story that takes the genre in an entirely twisted new direction. When a trucking accident causes a top secret chemical weapon to spill over a load of adult novelty toys, all hell breaks loose outside a sleepy rural town.

Now, as the terror spreads through the countryside, the sheriff and townsfolk must decide whether to fight the oncoming horde of killer sex toys or call in the military for assistance.

Lock up the kids, bring in the dogs, turn down the lights, and prepare for a new brand of horror unlike anything you have experienced.

What are you reading right now?

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Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher, and author with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She co-publishes Space and Time magazine with author husband Ryan Aussie Smith. For more information visit SpaceandTime.net
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  1. Lexa Cain says:

    Hey – you mentioned me! Thanks so much for reading my book and putting it on your blog! You put a big smile on my face! Those other ones sound really creepy and fun. Have a wonderful night and see you soon on the Celebrate hop! :)

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