Prompts II: Mustaches, Games and Cats

20170330_150200We broke things up a little in our prompts class today by playing a game involving paper mustaches and guessing words. We all know now which students would crack under pressure and give up the location of the rebel base… and which students wouldn’t.

We heard the prompts from last week and had a lively discussion about authenticity and seeing things from another perspective. The prompt for next week is a visual one.

The poster in this photo is the prompt. You can write anything that involves this poster. Tell a story about who made it, what is it advertising, a story about the black cat with a halo… as usual, be creative!

The Crestview Public Library is asking readers to submit their favorite prompt or writing starter to be posted on their tumblr blog during April. Be sure to include your contact and social media information as well as the source of your inspiration.  See their tumblr blog, Facebook page or the library’s website for more information.

Prompts Mustaches


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