Chillin’ in Chicago… it’s FREEZING up here!

At Grapevine Cemetery

At Grapevine Cemetery

My youngest son and I made it to Chicago and it is COLD! Us poor displaced Floridians are looking unprepared in our flip flops and lack of outerwear. We started the day in Madisonville, Kentucky where we stopped by to visit the infamous Grapevine Cemetery where there are reports of a crying angel and screams when love songs are played.

We found a gorgeous angel near the front of the cemetery that we photographed. The cemetery was beautiful with lovely, dignified headstones. Very clean and orderly, this place is obviously loved very much.

We paid our respects to the Moore family, who the angel guards, but witnessed no angel tears as reported. We also played Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers and heard nothing out of the ordinary. We haven’t checked the audio files yet for unusual sounds.

A true Kentucky Mountain Hobbit. Now I know where it comes from...

Great Aunt Dolly, a true Kentucky Mountain Hobbit. Now I know where I get it from…

That done, we headed over to Sacramento where I lived as a baby and caught up with my Aunt Dolly. The last time she saw me I was a babe in her arms. She seemed familiar to me, even though I couldn’t possibly have remembered her, and I felt like I reconnected to something precious. She was as short as I am, even a bit smaller, and I was told everyone in my family is this size. I guess I do come from the Kentucky Mountain Hobbits.

Afterwards it was straight to Chicago so we can celebrate my oldest son’s Naval graduation. He walks tomorrow, so I expect a day of emotion and happy tears. Tonight we are ready for showers and bed. Early day tomorrow, and then we will head back down south where it’s warm.

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