Daily Archives: November 16, 2017

Digi Collage Included in Music Video

I got such a sweet message today informing me that the German musician Petra has included one of my digital collage creations into his latest video on his Acoustic Spirit Youtube channel.

The image is one of the latest I’ve created and was originally made for Poetry Is Everywhere, one of the Everly Everywhere books I write with my husband, R. A. Smith.

I’ve posted the image online at Pixabay under the Creative Commons license for free use by others to inspire creative cross pollination like Petra’s video.

I don’t speak German, but Petra tells me this is what the words mean—

“There is a soldier, in the war. Friends and enemies are dying, Weapons sang a bad song. His world is cold, black… But he close the eyes and in his dream it is summer, he is sitting with his wife at a sea…it is winter and they walked, hand in hand… He is afraid, will he be the same man as before, will he lose the picture in his head, will good dreams come back, will she love him. His world is black and cold, will his world be colorful again?”

I am honored to have anything I’ve created be included in such a beautiful song and applaud Petra for both his talent, creativity and message. I hope to see more of his work soon and have subscribed to his channel.

The image I created appears the first time at 1:26, but I urge you to watch the whole video. I can’t understand a word of it, but it it visually pleasing and sounds lovely. You can enjoy it here: