Meeting KC’s Bean Baron

Today I was privileged to meet (and interview!) Danny O’Neill, the creator behind the Full Vengeance coffee I raved about last month. He built The Roasterie, the caffeinated heart of Kansas City and mecca for coffee aficionados.

For once, I didn’t take a zillion photos to share, in part because I don’t need any to go with this story, but also because I was so genuinely mesmerized by the entire experience. Danny O’Neill’s accomplishments and coffee roasterie are impressive, but they pale compared to the man himself.

His enthusiasm and joie de vivre are as intoxicating as his brews. He fills the room with his presence and creates a feeling of happiness by being so unabashedly happy himself. I loved his frank, honest nature. Bottom line: Danny O’Neill is awesome.

The woman who set me up with the interview is just as amazing. Kimberly Stern, a.k.a. as Kim Dishes, is a food, travel, lifestyle and healthcare writer as well as the mind behind KSquared Public Relations. Feel like that isn’t impressive enough? She also co-hosts LIVE! From Jasper’s Kitchen with celebrity Chef Jasper Mirabile.

Pop quiz:

How was I was feeling during my interview with Danny O’Neill at The Roasterie, home of my favorite coffee?

A. Starstruck

B. Mesmerized and amazed

C. Full of gratitude and joy

D. All of the above.

Of course you chose answer D, because you are brilliant and only brilliant and wonderful people read my blog. It was quite the experience and lucky day.

As an added fun note, we all visited Boulevard Brewing Company again while we were hanging around downtown and it just happened to be the brewery’s birthday! Lucky, fun and magical day. Here’s the short post I did about the first KC visit.

And now… I have work to do.


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