Miss You Already!

The Smiths are heading out…

I loved seeing everyone who stopped by yesterday and miss all of you already. I’m going to plan another trip in the spring which will be less hurried and more about visiting friends.

Thanks especially to the French Family of Cafe Bienville fame for babysitting Bree while we were up in KC setting things up.

I loved seeing you all, off the top of my head it was Denise, Rusty, Candice, Tom, Shari, Marni, Alyssa, Rachel and Paul… and of course the French Family and Cafe Bienville.

I apologize for the super short notice—it looked like I might not get to have a visit at all until the night before. This was all very rushed.

I’ve been craving one of those BLTs for two months now. Of all the wonderful things Kansas City has, I haven’t found anyplace here as good as Cafe Bienville in Niceville.

If you wanted to stop by and say hi and got your dates mixed up (you know who you are…:) don’t worry. I will be back, and next time it will be just for fun.

Packed and ready!

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