New Google Calendar Upgrade!

Even more information and tools can be connected to event listings.

It must be a holiday—Google just upgraded their already awesome calendar!

I am a fan of Google for productivity and depend on their calendar to keep me on track. I have the calendar widget downloaded on my phone and it lists events and tasks for the week as they come up. And, as of yesterday, the calendar app is even better.

Google has redesigned their calendar to be more streamline and user friendly. My favorite upgrade is how much information you can connect to those boxes.

Events can now include all sorts of extra info such as spreadsheets or documents so people can access the necessary files without having to open other apps like Google Drive.

Another feature: If someone receives an invite for an event, they will see a portion of their calendar blocked off in the calendar app that’s “all in one color,” according to a tutorial on the new calendar. If people indicated that they will “maybe” attend the proposed event, they will see diagonal lines instead of one color, and if they haven’t replied, they will “just see the event’s outline” in the calendar app.

I just upgraded tonight, but I’m excited to see what new productive possibilities Google has in store for us.

Here’s a preview of the upgrade:

Here’s the old design for a comparison:

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