Story for KC Star is live online

E.M. Hemingway, Reporter Star

Now I can say that Hemingway and I have written for the same publication—the Kansas City Star. My story went up on their website this evening.

It was a fun story to do, but I felt very rusty. I didn’t ask a few obvious questions that I normally would have. I’m definitely out of practice.

With my car still in Florida, I had to Uber to the meeting and was late, thanks to a driver mishap. And I found a typo… but it still feels fantastic.

Maybe I’m being too much of a romantic, but I can’t help but wonder how Hemingway felt when he first saw his own byline in the Star. Did he see his name, inked on the newsprint, and imagine the future ahead?

Of course, I aspire to become as excellent as Hemingway one day. We all should. Why not set the bar high? For this moment, however, I am just happy to share a snippet of history with him. Me and Hemingway, writing for the Kansas City Star.

A screenshot of that magical byline… and find the story here.

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