Bitter Suites Back Online!

I’ve been getting messages that Bitter Suites has been listed as unavailable on Amazon. Yes, it has been unavailable and that is my fault. I decided to add a blurb to the back cover ahead of Crypticon and didn’t think anyone would notice.

I was wrong. The last few days have been a roller coaster of emotion—happy people were noticing and complaining the book was down and annoyed at myself I did that. For everyone who was looking, Bitter Suites is available again on Amazon, just in time for Crypticon.

I have reluctantly sold a few copies ahead of this weekend so I only have 15 copies left. They will be the only ones with the original back cover. Not having enough books has never been a problem for me before, so I’m enjoying the fresh new panic.

I’ve also never received a publishing congratulations basket before, so thank you Laura D. for having this gorgeous platter of snack by Smiles Delivered brought to my house yesterday. It made me feel like a rockstar—and it’s delicious. It was worth publishing for that alone!

I’ll be having a contest for reviews up by tomorrow. Anyone who reviews Bitter Suites will be able to enter their name to win an Amazon gift card. If I get up to 25 reviews, it will be a $25 prize. Up to 50 reviews will make the prize jump to a $50 Amazon gift card. If I get 100 or more reviews, the prize will be a $100 Amazon gift card.

That’s about it from me. I have a last few details to sort before we head off to Crypticon. As an interesting side note, this song randomly came on our Google as soon as I hit approve and made Bitter Suites live again. I hope it’s an omen of future success.

***Find out how to win $25—100 in an Amazon gift card
by entering my Bitter Suite Reviews contest.***

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