Bitter Suites Update

Thank you, everyone! Bitter Suites has been available on Amazon for about a week, and I’m happy with the reception so far. Five reviews are up on Amazon already and it’s been hovering in the 3k list for post-apocalyptic books. Find Bitter Suites on Amazon here. 

I wouldn’t have called it a “post-apocalyptic” story, but as someone recently pointed out to me, it kind of is. In this world there is no flash, end-of-the-world scenario, but it has that dismal feel.

Rather than a dramatic event, Bitter Suites takes place in a world where consumerism has bled the life blood from the people, and everything has become a commodity.

Regardless of how it’s listed, I’m really pleased to see it doing well so early on. I thank everyone who has supported the creation of this story, and continues as I write Suite and Sour. I’m interested to see how it does it Crypticon next week.

I would love to have more reviews, of course, so please keep them coming!

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