New Definition of “Billionaire:” Gives Rather than Takes

A billionaire means you have a billion dollars? Right? According to Jason Silva, that definition is going the way of the dinosaur. What is his new definition of “billionaire?”

“The new definition of billionaire is he/she
who will positively affect the lives
of a billion people.”

He goes on to say this should be our goal, this should be our responsibility. In our world of “exponential, technological advancement” we are evolving into an interlinked entity. To be human today has radically different meaning than it has even just a century ago.

Today we cross the planet in a day, create water from barren rocks and walk on water. We explore every part of our world from the eye of the storm to the crevices beneath the sea. We have our mysteries, but we have the tools to unravel them.

With our new abilities comes new responsibilities. We can’t afford to feign ignorance. We can’t turn a blind eye to injustice. With the “technosocial wormholes” we have created, our vision becomes transcendent and boundary-less.

More of us have come to the inward realization that money only buys happiness when it fulfills basic needs—quality food, shelter and drink—and beyond that, money represents only theoretical wealth.

With our global dollars backed by nothing but a trembling faith, dependent on ignorance to persist, Jason Silva’s definition of a billionaire seems a worthy goal.

If I have a billion dollars in the bank, it means I will have more than I can use. The excess will be represented by scribbles in a ledger. If I become a billionaire by Jason Silva’s standard, I will have positively impacted a major portion of the world.

As of 2017, the United Nations estimates there are about 7.6 billion people living together on earth. That’s encouraging. That means out of all of us teeming masses, only 7 or 8 of us need to reach Silva’s billionaire status… or 14 of us get halfway there… or 28 of us make it a quarter of the way.

But forget numbers. If each of us just does our best to become rich, not in dollars but in positive impacts, the ledgers will crumble to dust as wealth begins to be measured by gives rather than takes. Each of us will become billionaires with expansive riches of heart.

Like so many spiritual leaders have said throughout time, love is the answer—the simple answer—that solves everything. But each of us must be the instigator. And the sooner, the better.

Here’s Jason Silva’s video on the new billionaire:

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