What is Creativity?

Today I watched this video from Shots of Awe with JASON SILVA on creativity. I think he explains the creative process well as something that doesn’t come from us so much as through us.

When I write, the story already exists outside of me. My job is to channel it in and translate it to words. It’s finished before I begin. That’s how Jason Silva describes the creative process. Watch his evocative video and share what the creative process is to you in the comments.

1 thought on “What is Creativity?

  1. Laura k Duerrwaechter

    Yup. Nailed it. Whether it’s through the breaths of an orator, the connectivity of fingers to keys, the fluidity of a dancer, the embrace from soul to paintbrush or song spewing past parted lips, we pay homage to the gods.

    The video clip made me want to be a better human. Thank you, Angela, for sharing.


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