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Ladies of Horror for August

August is on a deathbed and the Ladies of Horror are happy to escort her out with flash fiction on Nina D’Arcangela’s Spreading the Writer’s Word blog. The Ladies of Horror are a diverse group of women dedicated to writing darker things. … Continue reading

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TWO DAYS for SFPA Poetry Contest!

Just two days left to submit to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association’s 2018 Poetry Contest! Two more days for a chance at glory and literary infamy! This year’s contest is chaired by Holly Lyn Walrath, the author of … Continue reading

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Submit to Rabid Oak

Rabid Oak, “an erratically-published literary journal broadcasting from California’s southern San Joaquin Valley,” accepts original submissions year-round. They are looking for poetry and flash fiction or nonfiction, under 1,000 words, that use unique voice, image, and form. They want your work to … Continue reading

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Review: Escape Claws en español

The first review for the Spanish translation of Escape Claws is out on Athnecdotario Incoherente, the blog of Athman M. Charles. The review is by Soraya Murillo—a wonderful interviewer, reviewer and friend. The review is also in Spanish. I have permission to translate this review and … Continue reading

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In the Mail: 31 Days of Poetry Prompts

A few days ago I had the opportunity to share in interview with Jim Russo of Central Coast Poetry Show… and then look what comes in the mail? I’m excited to get a look at one of the books in … Continue reading

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Exquisite Corpse: Deceptions

First, let me apologize for being late this month. I was in a funk. I’m past it now. If you must know more, you can read about that here. Second—interesting collection of poem lines this month! Out of five contributors, … Continue reading

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Lunch Ticket Mag Has Writing Contests

Lunch Ticket magazine has two free writing contests with cash prizes and no fee submission calls. Lunch Ticket is an online literary and visual art journal, published in June and December. Their two prizes are the Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction … Continue reading

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Meet Jim Russo of Central Coast Poetry Shows

Jim Russo is a poetry activist. For the last year he has been managing Central Coast Poetry Shows—a social media based platform for new and seasoned poets. CCPS provides valuable experience and exposure for poets as well as introducing poetry … Continue reading

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My Real Amazon Story

Where have I been? The simple answer is, in a funk. The more accurate answer is that I’ve been having a crisis of spirit. If you’ve kept tabs here you probably know I spent the last seven months working in an … Continue reading

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David Accurso: Kansas City Artist

Meet David Accurso, a local artist in Kansas City quickly gaining a name for himself for his precise and detailed stippling creations. Stippling is a technique in which the artist strategically places thousands of dots that blend with one another to … Continue reading

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