Accountability | July 2019

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Last month I promised I to post my writing productivity on the last Monday of the month. I invite anyone who is looking for some accountability to share their own progress in the comments. Doing this has been a big boost.

Knowing I had this ‘deadline’ spurred me on and I had a stellar month for submissions and writing. I wrote five new short stories for specific requests, streamlined my entire submission process, set myself up a proper Shunn template to copypasta and actively added new projects to my submissions folder. Because I got myself organized, I’ve been able to share submissions with other authors and share the love.

I started this at the end of June, so I rushed and submitted older work to markets I wasn’t familiar with. Most of it was rejected. By July I was writing for specific calls and my acceptances went up. Most of the subs are still being considered, so they’ll affect future month stats. I should also mention that I moved from free markets to paying markets in June. That reflects in my rejection/acceptance ratio. It’s a lot easier to get a yes for free work.

All in all, this is working for me—
01/2019 | 5 submissions | 5 acceptances | 0 rejection | 0 under consideration
02/2019 | 0 submissions | 0 acceptances | 0 rejection | 0 under consideration
03/2019 | 2 submissions | 2 acceptances | 0 rejection | 0 under consideration
04/2019 | 0 submissions | 0 acceptances | 0 rejection | 0 under consideration
05/2019 | 1 submissions | 1 acceptances | 0 rejection | 0 under consideration
06/2019 | 10 submissions | 0 acceptances | 6 rejections | 4 under consideration
07/2019 | 10 submissions | 3 acceptances | 1 rejection | 6 under consideration
Total       | 28 submissions | 11 acceptances | 7 rejections | 10 under consideration

 | My poem, “Love Like Starlight,” won Honorable Mention in the 242nd Weekly Contest. The prize was $20.

I also finished my Camp Nanowrimo goal of 50,000 words in a month. I finished today with a word count of 51,233. Originally I was just going to work on my Bitter Suites sequel, but I realized early on that was going to frustrate me.

I changed my goal to be total word count rather than a project word count. I didn’t count emails. That would have probably brought me to around 100,000 words.

So, good month. I feel like holding myself accountable has made a huge difference and I’ll continue doing this. Anyone who wants to benefit the same way can post their productivity stats in the comments each month.

How I organize submissions in Google Docs

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Accountability for Productivity
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