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This Blog is Moving

Hopefully, this is not goodbye to a decade of work on this blog. After ten years of being hosted by GoDaddy I’m moving to a different host. I’ve loved being with GoDaddy, but lately, it comes down to money. I … Continue reading

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“She Said She Was Bored” on PoetryNook

A new normal sets in! I haven’t published anything to PoetryNook since June 1! I’m not crazy about this poem, but I’m saving some of my late poems for a couple of anthologies and contests right now. Mostly, I want … Continue reading

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How is a Spoon Like a Mask?

There is an old, old story attributed to Rabbi Haim of Romshishok that I love. It features two rooms and two feasts. One feast represents Hell, the other Heaven. In each feast, the diners are given very long spoons making it impossible … Continue reading

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My One Crazy Moment

I believe we should all get one crazy confession in our lives with no repercussions. On that belief, this is mine. It’s been a struggle for me to write anything for a while because I’ve needed to write this piece … Continue reading

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Talk about kickstarting the muse! This afternoon I had the pleasure of doing a poetry and chatter session with Amy Zoellers of Hipness and Outrage fame. Check her Instagram out here! We took turns reading our work and discussing the … Continue reading

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