Daily Archives: December 29, 2020

The Final Issue of the Longest Year

The last issue of Space and Time magazine is now available on Amazon here. What a year… and somehow we never missed an issue. This is a testament to all our editors, associate editors, readers, proofers, artists, poets, authors… it takes a village. Because of teamwork, we close this year still standing.

This also marks the second year of our time with the magazine. The first year was a test run to get familiar with the publication, staff and readers. The second year was where we would find our stride we thought. Then 2020 came along and collectively kicked all the feet out from under everyone simultaneously.

We are pleased to still be here. We thought we might make a few changes to the magazine in 2020… tweaks really. We introduced an audiobook version of each issue and thought that would be the exciting news of the year. Instead, it’s been 2020. I think everything has changed. We’ve pivoted more than the New York City Ballet just to remain on stage.

It’s with great relief I close out this year and present #139, the final issue of Space and Time for 2020. And with that, I have no more words. I’m off to toast the full moon, the end of this year and hope for the new one… and I may not stop toasting until the new one 🍾😂 🥂