Free Vampirem game, anyone? My daughter, (soon to be co-authoress and editorial assistant at Space and Time) recently did a voice acting spot in a new indie game called Vampirem. To celebrate, the game creator gave her and her husband Luiz (also the translations editor at Space and Time) some free games to give away tonight on The Nassot, his gaming stream here.

Kyra Starr as The Giggler

If you ever want to get a hold of me and say hi, this is a good place to find me. I’m usually in chat after 8 pm CST. I like to listen in while I do my non-thinking work. There’s a group of regulars over there and it’s fun to hang out and tell jokes. Join us anytime, but especially tonight so you can win a free game. You don’t have to sign in to anything and chat is open to all.

You can get a peek at one of her parts in this video. I believe she’s saying “Kill those babies…” and then manically giggling. It looks like the character she’s voicing is called The Giggler. She’s turning out more like her mom everyday… except I think the babies she’s talking about are giant spiders. Nooooo!

Enjoy the video, and then pop on The Nassot tonight after 8 pm CST to say hi and possibly win a game. How cool is that?

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