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I am thrilled to have my poem “Los Vigilantes Oscuros” included in the prestigious table of contents for the upcoming Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas from Hex Publishers. To be released October, 12, 2021, this collection was edited by Carina Bissett, Hillary Dodge and Joshua Viola with cover and interior art by Aaron Lovett.

Release date: 10/12/2021

This anthology includes fiction and poetry by:

Mario Acevedo • Colleen Anderson • Kay Chronister • Sara Cleto • Sean Eads • Warren Hammond • Angie Hodapp • Jimena Jurado • Gwendolyn Kiste • Josh Malerman • Lee Murray • Annie Neugebauer • Cynthia Pelayo • Gerardo Horacio Porcayo • Sarah Read • Julia Rios • Betty Rocksteady • Angela Yuriko Smith • Christina Sng • Jeanne C. Stein • Tim Waggoner • Brittany Warman • Stephanie M. Wytovich • Mercedes M. Yardley • Jane Yolen • E. Lily Yu and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro.

About the book:

Ancient peoples knew there were lands given over to shadow and spirit. The world is full of haunted places that exact a terrible toll on trespassers. Our forebears paid a heavy price to earn the wisdom and the warning they bequeathed to future generations.

Time transformed their precious knowledge into superstition, but there are those whose hearts beat in rhythm with the past and whose vision is not clouded by modernity. Seeking to reclaim humanity’s early secrets, the Umbra Arca Society was forged. For centuries, this private league of explorers dedicated their lives to uncovering the oldest mysteries of the Americas. Armed with boldness and guile, and equipped with only a compass, a journal, and devotion to truth, these adventurers braved cursed landscapes, dared unnatural adversaries, and exposed hidden civilizations.

Many did not survive.

None were forgotten.

Their stories are maps revealing the topography and contours of landscapes unimaginable and dark. The Shadow Atlas collects their adventures.

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