Daily Archives: June 14, 2021


Today I woke up in the mood to try something new. I love writing the linked haiku that I’ve been doing for awhile now but the challenge of staying within the 7-5-7 syllable pattern has gotten pretty easy. I’ve done enough in that style I can think in that pattern and toss them off pretty quickly… which means it’s time to change it up.

One new word, two videos and three Instagram creators have been colliding around in my brain for a few weeks now until this morning when it all came together. I love the challenge of the strict syllable count so I kept that but instead of 5-7-5 I went with 12-13-6. Why? Ask the muse.

Here were the inspirations that kick started this poem. The new word was “sacrilicious” found on the profile of dearlybeloved.creations where she makes “🖤Sacrilicious Prayer Candles & Art.” The two videos were Spirit In The Sky written by Norman Greenbaum and performed by Doctor And The Medics. The second video was the original Fabulous Secret Powers by slackcircus (videos below). The three Instagram creators are dearlybeloved.creations, hipness_and_outrage and cheapainn.

All of those elements percolated around in my head until this came out. You can hear echoes of all of them together in the poem, and in a way, it’s as close to an autobiography as I’ve come. I think all the isolation is opening me up. After visiting the inspirations, can you see the influences mixed up in this? This is a new voice for me. I don’t know if I love it yet or not, but I am interested.


I shop for inspiration in the Saint-o-mart
where holy ones for sale want to bless my heart with art
and I say why yes, please.

The music and the mayhem work to chill my bones
breaking all the ties that keep me stuck at home. I roam
but the love is all real.

I give my muse some lipstick and she throws it back
and says goodbye. I have a heart attack from the lack
I can’t live without her.

I look in the mirror and I see her inside
looking through my eyes and now she can’t hide. And we ride
into a starry night.

I dress for the party but have I gone too far
in mourning clothes. She says “Come as you are to the stars
this is revolution.”

So I tear out my heart and toss it to the sky.
I make the sacrifice. We have to die to get high 
this is sacrilucious.

And now the two videos. They have both been on my favorites list years.

Spirit In The Sky written by Norman Greenbaum and performed by Doctor And The Medics
The original Fabulous Secret Powers by slackcircus