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I have art on display at the Kultivate Spring Exhibition from June 7-13. Yes, you read that right. I do sometimes “art,” but it’s not something I pursue regularly. I don’t have time after the magazine and my own writing, so I make visual stuff and forget about it. But for last minute virtual art exhibits, it’s nice to have something stashed in the closets.

So how did this happen? Second Life, of course. Ever since BaltiCon and Omnium Gatherum’s virtual book launch, I’ve been poking my nose back into it. Tonight I was in there picking up some interview questions for a story I’m writing for the SL Enquirer when I saw an offer I couldn’t refuse:

Group Notice From: Windlight Magazine Readers, Johannes Huntsman

I have 6 exhibition spots available if anyone would like to set up as an exhibition artist at the Spring Art Show. You must be able to set up by 8pm slt tonight. All spots are free, first come, first serve. If interested please drop me an im and/or notecard.


An emergency art mission? Sounded like an adventure to me. I messaged John, and within the hour I was standing in a virtual sandbox putting together my show. By 8 pm slt, I was done. It’s a simple exhibit, just 12 pieces of mine with a color change galaxy floor and a giant location pointer with an earth spinning inside it. That’s to remind everyone that we are here, in the moment, in this universe. I think I really just wanted to make a glowing galaxy floor that changes color, honestly.

I took a tour of the other booths tonight when I was done and I am really in love with some of the work. I have some purchases planned, but I wasn’t sure if it’s rude to buy the artwork before the show opens. I’ll share some of the artists through the week and probably do a live stream tour this week at some point to show what it’s like… and that glowing galaxy floor. Spoiler alert: the Kultivate Exhibition is amazing but you will likely be underwhelmed by my glowing floor.

If you are already a Second Life resident, pop in and say hi! You can find out more details at Kultivate’s website here. For the moment, here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been exploring.

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  1. Marge Simon says:

    So … wow! I take it you’re a digital artist on the photo realism collage side? Go, Angela –your multi-talents are thriving!

    • Hahahahaha! When you say it like that you make it sound like a thing. I like to fool around in Photoshop, but I usually only make something because I need it (emergency illo, blog banner etc) or because I’m on the phone and I can’t do anything else but chat, listen and Photoshop. Handy to have a library of stuff I’ve made like that for the surprise art exhibit opportunity, I now know.

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