It’s time for my annual State of the Birthday post where I talk about what’s ahead in my next year. The short answer: Brazil.

Now for the why…

There are a few good reasons for us to relocate to Brazil. The idea to move took root as I was researching for Tortured Willows in August of 2021.

I was specifically trying to find information on the shamanistic practices of the yuta. I could locate no practicing yuta in the United States, but there is a strong community of Shimanchu in Brazil—including yuta.

The stars began to align. My daughter had already moved to Brazil for different reasons and loves it. I now have an adorable grand daughter there. The Brazilian economy is kind to Americans. Ryan (my Australian husband) and I have always wanted to live in a country we could mutually discover together. We both work online. It began to be an obvious choice.

… and the who and the when.

We took a trip to Brazil in September to see how we liked it. It’s not easy to learn a new language and culture but we loved it. The people, the food, the quality of life… we decided to take the plunge and move. We’ve been liquidating everything we own to pack our lives into a few suitcases. We’ve rented the house out. I’m parting with books by the box. Ryan, my son and I (+three dogs) will be flying out of the country on December 28.

And speaking of books… I’ll be doing an online auction soon for some of my vintage, signed and rare books. I’ll have signed books from all sorts: Neil Gaiman, Jack Ketchum, Jonathan Maberry, R.L. Stine… vintage books from Salvador Dali, Alfred Hitchcock, Weird Tales… and they will all be up for grabs. Some of my personal things will be up for grabs as well, including my vintage newspaper box and other loves.

I’ll be passing these treasures on to new homes and raising money for this move. It’s hard to part with most of these so I keep telling myself they are going to a new home. I’ll be announcing that on my social media in the next few days.

There’s a lot more news than this… big changes just ahead… but I’ll be posting.

And THANK YOU for all the amazing birthday wishes across all my socials, in my emails, sent as texts… I am shocked that I know so many amazing and wonderful people. It’s been a good birthday.

This is 54.


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