1. Stars in the Sand: An Okinawan Shimanchu Legend for Kids by Kyra Starr 
  2. Estrelas na Areia: uma lenda Shimanchu de Okinawa para crianças by Kyra Starr, Translated by Luiz Peters 
  3. The Shimanchu Tarot Project curated by Mariko Middleton
  4. Ezra’s Ghosts: Stories by Darcy Tamayose ♦☆
  5. Speak, Okinawa: A Memoir by Elizabeth Miki Brina ♦☆
  6. Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. by Angela Yuriko Smith, Geneve Flynn, Christina Sng, Lee Murray 
  7. Night in the American Village: Women in the Shadow of the U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa by Akemi Johnson
  8. The Girl with the White Flag by Tomiko Higa and Dorothy Britton 
  9. Chiburu: Anthology of Hawaii Okinawan Literature edited by Lee A. Tonouchi
  10. Okinawan Princess: Da Legend of Hajichi Tattoos by Lee A. Tonouchi ♦☆
  11. Oriental Faddah and Son by Lee A. Tonouchi ♦☆
  12. Women of the Sacred Groves: Divine Priestesses of Okinawa by Susan Sered 
  13. Ancient Ryukyu: An Archaeological Study of Island Communities by Richard Pearson
  14. The Last Sakura: Tales of The Yuta by Ashley Nakanishi 
  15. The Ryukyu Kingdom: Cornerstone of East Asia by Mamoru Akamine
  16. Visions of Ryukyu: Identity and Ideology in Early-Modern Thought and Politics by Gregory Smits
  17. Tattooing in Okinawa by Eric Shahan et al
  18. Tattooing in Okinawa Vol. 2 by Eric Shahan and Obara Kazuo
  19. Folktales Of Okinawa by Shoji Endo 
  20. GIFT OF A BLUE BALL: Path of a Fortune-teller in Okinawa by Jeff Tuthill 
  21. Okinawa: A People and Their Gods by Robinson
  22. Okinawa: The History of an Island People by George H. Kerr
  23. Okinawa Kwaidan, True Japanese Ghost Stories and Hauntings by Ron Dutcher
  24. The Ghosts of Okinawa by Jayne Hitchcock 

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