Books! Lots of books! I write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s and even a paranormal romance up on Kindle Vella. You can find all my books on Amazon here.

A magazine… but I don’t do that by myself at all. There is an amazing team that has kept Space & Time going since 1966 when it was started by Gordon Linzner. Find out about the magazine at spaceandtime.net. You can find issues there or on Amazon here.

Classes! I have a free weekly craft series every Saturday. This year I plan to cover fiction fundamentals, building poetry collections for chapbooks, marketing plans for your books and, in fall, a Nanowrimo prep and publish. Find all my free resources here.

Shows, or at least YouTube videos. I have a monthly show called Cake & Hyperbull I do with Amy Zoellers on the first Saturday of each month. I sporadically host bookish guests for readings, interviews and book launches in a video series called Lit Up. You can find—and subscribe—to my Youtube channel here.

Various art and oddities on Etsy. When I take a break from writing I do art-ish projects. It might be pottery, origami, a black out poem, jewelry, neurographic, digital or other visual art. Sometimes it might be special metaphysical ingredients I collect. I never know what I’ll have to list, but you can find out by visiting here.

Shisa! I firmly believe the world can’t have too many of these amazing guardian lion dogs but they aren’t always easy to find since they all come from Okinawa. I make lucky shisa talisman keychains and I give them away almost free (Etsy makes me put them up for $1) plus postage. There is also some printable shisa created by my graphic artist daughter Kyra Starr available. Those are also in my Etsy Shop here.

6 thoughts on “2. THINGS I MAKE

  1. Caryn Whitney

    Can you say the word prolific? Wow! You are amazing. Keep going, girl, you are so talented with a head full of dreams. All my blessing to you. Caryn Whitney

  2. Stephanie Simmons

    Hi Angela!
    I met you st the KCRF this past weekend (i was visiting from detroit) and I am looking for a link to buy The Bitter Suites! Can you email me with the info please?


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