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No More End of Mae (& Other Awesome News)

Contract Signed 6-13I’m happy to say that soon End of Mae will soon be no more – and Mr. BoneJangles and End of Joon are going with her. They are officially kicked out of my house and going off to live with another family – Line by Lion.

End of Mae will become unavailable as she is and be republished by Three Fates as End of Daze with new material, including End of Jewel Eye which I was getting ready to release. Finally the entire tale of Mae, Heylel and Joon will be together and finished in a stand alone book.

Mr. BoneJangles will also be republished by Three Fates with some added material. The story I’m finishing now, “The Sampler,” will probably be the one I include.  It’s about a woman that can release experiences from torn fabric. As the threads break they release the thoughts of those who wore them… and she is so hungry to experience all that life has to offer.

So that’s my big news, I’m signing some books up with Three Fates Press. Why did I finally decide to go with a publisher after years of staying adamantly indie? First, the contract Three Fates offered was too good to refuse. Second, my dear friend and editor Amy Eye signed up a few of her books under their sister imprint, Line by Lion. Third, as I have immense admiration for one of the women behind Three Fates that I have been watching for awhile now. She puts her whole self into this imprint, her dedication is admirable and I soon realized she is crazy and doesn’t understand her limits. I love that in a person.

The final reason some may find a little crazy, but those who know me will understand. I had the printed contracts in front of me, and I was debating if I really wanted to make this commitment after years of saying I would stay indie forever. As I thought about it, my eyes strayed across my calendar and I realized it was Friday the 13th. Nothing more needed to be said.

It was a sign, and I signed.

End of Jewel Eye is done (and checked by Grammarly)

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I want my editor to think I’m smarter than I am ;p

End of Jewel Eye2Announcement time: today I finished End of Jewel Eye.  I’m behind schedule but the delay to let this tale percolate in my brain was well worth it.  I am as surprised by the turn of events in this segment as I am pleased with how it wound up tying all the elements of the tale from End of Mae and the yet to be released End of Joon together.  I simply can’t WAIT to share these tales.  Mae, Heylel and Alichino surprised even me.

Having just finished my rough draft of Jewel Eye is also the perfect opportunity to try out a new writer tool I’ve been hearing about – Grammarly.  I think an editor is the best writer tool we can have, but I don’t want to waste my editor‘s precious time correcting amateurish mistakes.  I do want to hurry up and get on the End of a Gust while the muse is still hot in me.  Enter Grammarly.

GrammarlyI copied and pasted my document into their checker and it went over my manuscript looking for plagiarism, word usage, contextual spelling check… not your usual spellcheck and go treatment.  I’m pleased with the results – it allows me to send a cleaner manuscript off for editing saving us both time.

Grammarly isn’t a free tool, I’m on the free trial right now, but they do have different payment options for budget options.  So far I can say I’m pleased with the results.  I hope I can get this tool in my permanent arsenal.

Here’s a sneak peek at part of what I had shared with Grammarly, still in rough draft:

Mae stood in the doorway, taking the scene in as Heylel looked up at her.  “I wanted you to distract me from my thoughts,” Heylel said sadly. “And all you have done is helped me to remember.”  Mae didn’t know what to say.  Hesitantly she walked across the room to sit beside him, the old bed whining under their combined weight.  Mae let her hand rest on Heylel’s.

The skull emanated warmth. Mae could feel an aura of heat surrounding it as if the thing had been in an oven.  Fascinated, Mae moved closer to inspect the skull.  To her it appeared to be made of clear, hard stone or smoky glass with a large topaz in one eye socket.  “She was my ethereal queen*,” Heylel whispered. He moved over slightly to give Mae a better view.  “Did you make her?” Mae asked quietly.

the winning prompt for End of Jewel Eye – Laura Griffeth with “ethereal queen.”

Everything I said about Joon was a lie

Courtesy of Crystal Bozeman Clifton

Courtesy of Crystal Bozeman Clifton

Once again, the stories have a mind of their own.

Everything I had whispered and hinted about the Joon character wound up being false.  I thought Joon was going to be a goth teen inhabited by Alichino/Miss Prym.  She turned out to be an eight year old girl with a vendetta.

I thought Dr. Smeltzer was going to show up in this part and be Mae’s first meal.  He doesn’t even say hello.  In my plans Mae was moving on in the world and leaving Heylel behind.  She doesn’t.

Who’s writing this book anyways?

No more

endof endofmae.comHeads up – I’m letting expire since it is now just a part of the larger End of Daze.  I’ve had it a few years now but I think it’s time to let Mae grow forward.  From here on out this address and the Ember Press site will be the only active addresses we will keep.

On a side note, the new Ember Press site should be ready to go soon 😉

And the winning prompt is…

Seriously, good one Cindy! ;D

Seriously, good one Cindy! ;D

Cindy V. had the winning prompt for the contest… now my job will be to weave her suggestion into the next part of the story.  She, of course, picked the one word I will have to get freaky creative with.

Can you believe it… Cindy’s prompt was “dandilyon”.  Cindy… this is me giving you the stink eye ;p  Good thing I love a challenge!

We’ll do it all again starting June 15th… now excuse me while I go think on this.

End of Mae… again!

End of Mae|vampire|horror|undead|graveyard|tombstone|cryptHard to believe End of Mae is two years old.  Last year we celebrated with a party to wrap up a month of games, Mae inspired art and movies and a full parade ;p  This year things have been so busy I’ve barely had time to breathe.

Tomorrow is the end of the first prompt contest and I’ll get to see what new element will be woven into the story.  Then the winner will get the first copy of the new story sent to them.  A low key way to celebrate, but for now it’s about all I can handle.

I’ll be soooo glad to be done with moving!

Is it the end of End of Joon?

End of DazeFirst came End of Mae… with the promise of more. End of Joon was to follow, slated for publication June 2013.  Barring unforeseen catastrophe, that will still happen  with a few changes.

First off, End of Joon is shrinking in importance.  She has gone from being a stand alone book to a chapter. The chapter will be nestled nicely into another work, a collection, called End of Daze.  My favorite part?  You are going to help me write it.

Starting May 15 there will be a contest posted to suggest a prompt.  On June 1 a winner will be randomly picked and I will weave their prompt into the coming story.  When it’s published at the end of the month (of course!) the winner will win a free Kindle copy of the tale they helped inspire.  And that’s the gist of it… for now.

I’m so excited to write a book with you ;D

Last Day For Free End of Mae

It’s download now or forever hold your peace because tonight at midnight End of Mae goes back to the regular price of 99 cents.  This is also the last day for the giveaway so make sure you get your entries in.  (Download End of Mae Here)

End of Mae has done really well during this promotion and I’m pleased but I can’t help wishing I could have seen #1 just once… the highest it reached was #9 in the mythology ranks.  Mr. Smith says I’m being greedy and I know he’s right but still… I just want a screenshot of my first book in the #1 spot.  I promise not to get a big head.  Here’s a screenshot of the closest I’ve gotten so far.

So this is the last chance to get End of Mae free on Kindle.  If you don’t have a Kindle you can download Kindle reading for free on your PC, Mac, iPad etc. free from Amazon.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your shot at an End of Mae swag-a-licious prize box and most important… Thank you!

The most important thing isn’t reaching #1 for an hour.  The best part of this book for me is all the friends I’ve met as a result and all the fun I’ve had with it.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

End of Mae Give Away

It’s my birthday!  Wooot!  I’m 44 years old today and just getting started ;D

To celebrate I’m offering End of Mae on Kindle free for the next three days and having a give away.  So far End of Mae is getting a warm reception – my latest Amazon Best Sellers Rank put me at #901 Free in Kindle Store, #15 in Mythology and #41 in Horror.

I want to hit #1 if only for an hour.  Help me keep it going and enter to win yourself some prizes… please enter, share and have fun!  Most of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you ♥
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NaNo Day #2: Meet Joon

Struggling thru day two I ended up at 3,412 words.  This puts me just slightly ahead of schedule but I remember from last year how easy it is to get behind.  No resting for me.  Tomorrow will be another push to complete nearly 2,000 more.

The book I’m working on is End of Joon, the sequel to End of Mae and I’m excited to have finally gotten to bring the title character, Joon, to life.  Here’s an excerpt from what I did tonight.  I am pleased to introduce the freshly birthed and as yet unedited Joon:

From End of Joon:

Behind him the strange creature cycled thru faces and bodies.  Its hair shimmered with
different hues.  The height grew and shrank, body thickening and thinning as Alichino searched for a shape to entice a friendship.  Finally a teenage girl stood in the shadows, smiling smugly.  Her hair was black and cropped into a curly bob.   She wore thick black eyeliner and lipstick with her nails painted to match.

A sterling silver ring glinted from one nostril.  She was dressed like teenagers she’d seen – grey and black shirt with striped sleeves.  Across the front was scrawled the word iBite.  As an afterthought she added a pair of scuffed Doc Martins.  “Hey!” she said winking to no one. “I’m Joon, Heylel’s neice.” She giggled.