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Journal Jabber Moving to New Time

Journal Jabber New TimeBig News!

Journal Jabber, the weekly Blogtalk radio show “that’s by authors, for authors and about authors and all the things we authors care about” is moving to a new time!  The old Tuesday night at 8 p.m. shows are so last year – they ended with Robin Wiesneth’s interview on Dec. 31.

The new, Sunday afternoon schedule kicks off this weekend, Jan. 19 at 2 p.m. central, with Journal Jabber alumni Frank W. Smith talking about his new book, Night Song, the second book in the Wolf Song trilogy.  Tomorrow Frank will be on the blog with an interview and some inside details about his brand new book.

Time zones can be confusing, convert safely with this handy Journal Jabber time zone conversion chart and I’ll jabber with you this Sunday…

Journal Jabber Time Conversion Chart

Robin Wiesneth is Telling Tales on Journal Jabber!

jj 1Listen in to the last show of the year!

Tonight’s guest is Robin Wiesneth, highly acclaimed author of whimsical paintings that are fine art that makes you giggle and most recently, author of the new children’s book, Tails of Imagination.

Whether you keep up with her on her blog, A Brushjj 6 With Humor or find her new website, Tails of Imagination, Robin is worth hunting for.

As warm, wonderful and whimsical as her paintings… do the children you know a favor (and the secret child inside you) and get some Tails of Imagination into your life. And if all that weren’t awesome enough already, she has some giveaways and free days coming up too!

Here’s my silly rhyme for Robin:

Her trailer’s on Youtube, her tweets are on Twitter

Her Facebook page and her profile are better than sweet apple fritters.

I like her Link’d In, her Google+ I adore.

When you say “Robin Wiesneth” I say “Give us more!”

And I’m done.  You follow the links and I’ll let Robin take it from here ;p

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R.A. Giggie, author of Stella’s Plea on JournalJabber

JJ StellaListen in!  Tonight we have a brilliant new author with a talent for telling stories that both terrify and inspire.  Tune in to meet R.A. Giggie as she tells of the divine inspirations and asperations she has from and for her debut novel, Stella’s Plea.

From Amazon: R.A. Giggie was born in a small community in Quebec. She later moved to New Brunswick and has since made it her home. She’s a wife, mother, and grandmother. While her husband is an avid outdoors-man, she’s more a “homebody” and prefers to write stories.

She’s the author of Stella’s Plea (Nov 2012), a Christian suspense about the abduction of a deaf little girl and her mother’s struggle to find her. She’s currently working on a court drama.

Writing is her passion though she works full-time outside the home, but looks forward tojj Renee the day when she can make a living out of writing. Her favourite genres are Christian suspense, historical and Amish. However she’s always opened to new authors.

You can find her book on AmazonTwitterFacebook or on her blog.

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The Christmas Lites trio 2Listen Here!

I am so excited about tonight’s show, the amazing and ever wonderful creator of Journal Jabber is coming on to talk about Christmas Lites III, the yearly anthology project that raises money for the National Coalition for Domestic Violence (NCADV),

Today, Nov. 26, is also the official cover reveal for the book.  The cover is a phenomenal bit of eye candy created by Kyra Cato and it perfectly represents the spirit of the book – a little house has withstood the long, lonely night and remains to greet the dawn.

Many of the woman this book was written for are still enduring their long dark nights, thinking they are alone.  The writers that unite behind Amy Eye every year to contribute to this worthy project do it to try to help bring the sunrise and shed new lite into old lives.  There are few things brighter than Christmas Lites.

With inside graphics by Crystal Bozeman Clifton, compiled and edited by Amy Eye and a list of authors that would make a librairian drool… this is a gift that gives to all involved.

We hope you enjoy the show, but even more we hope that you will take the time to shed some Lite into a dark life and purchase his book to support NCADV and share the magic with your family and friends.

Novel Debut: Eric Robert Nolan with “The Dogs Don’t Bark”

jj nolan 3Listen here! We have a special treat on the show tonight – author Eric Robert Nolan is debuting his new novel, The Dogs Don’t Bark in Brooklyn Anymore; click here to get the first chapter, Chorus, free. The story starts off with an irresistible hook that won’t release you until you turn the last page. Find out more on Nolan’s blog or participate in his Goodreads giveaway.

Listen in as Nolan reads the first chapter of his book to us (guarantee you will love it!) andjj nolan 2 fills us in on all the behind the scenes details. This is a show you will not want to miss… if there could ever be a Journal Jabber show to miss ;p

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Where’s the Jabber?

JJ GremlinLooking for your Tuesday dose of Journal Jabber?

Tonight’s show has been rescheduled due to technical difficulties, probably due to the meddling JJ Gremlin that sometimes plagues the show.  Just look how terrifying he is – would you want to mess with that?

Tomorrow’s guest will be Sheryl Lynn Siler sharing her book, Snapshots: Great Attitudes & Positive Self-Talk – Conquering Your Self Defeating Self-Talk.  In the meantime, visit her website, GrowBloomInspire and prepare to get inspired to inspire tomorrow night!

Click here to preview tomorrow’s show.

Tarah Schaeffer on Journal Jabber

Tarah Schaeffer Then and Now

Click to listen!

Tonight we have a special guest on Journal Jabber – a star of one of the greatest, most influential television series of all time – Sesame Street.  The show has done more for literacy than many libraries put together.

Tarah Schaeffer, buddy of Big Bird and Grover, now continues to promote literacy as a book reviewer on her blog, Country Book Bumpkin.  Come have a listen as she shares her favorite books and more.

As always, the show has been brought to you from our sponsor, the letter “I”, as in The Eyes for Editing.

Halloween Special 2013

JJ Halloween Special

Click here to listen.


Tonight we have a special treat – four authors converge to read their favorite dark tales.  Sit back, turn down your lights and prepare to be spooked.  The authors reading are Bracken MacLeod, Angella Jacob, Sarah Butland and your hostess, Angela Yuriko Smith.  See links to their work in the comments section below.

Thank you to The Eyes for Editing for sponsoring this show, and thank you to Kyra Cato for editing a bunch of sound bytes into an amazing show.

For future shows, check the schedule.

Christopher Pike REVISITED!

JJ2Listen here!

We have so many amazing shows on Journal Jabber, and from time to time we will be bringing some of them back.  Tonight we will be listening to one of my favorite shows which first aired upon Christopher Pike’s release of his latest book, Witch World.

Amy did this show, and we all love it when she does interviews so tonight we are stepping back in time to enjoy all that Christopher Pike, and Amy, have to offer.

Tonight’s show is sponsored by The Eyes for Editing, check out the formatting specials for the month of October!  To see what’s coming up, check the schedule.

Alexander Zoltai (& Sena Quaren) on Journal Jabber tonight

JJ 1Hear here (get it? ;p)

With the government in partial shut down, the environment in a mess and human to human violence at a frenetic peak, there is no better time to hear from Alexander Zoltai and his book, Notes from an Aliena book written to show mankind a better way.

Tune in and hear from a wise alien and her human counterpart as they impart a message of peace… and hope.

See the Journal Jabber schedule for who’s been on and who’s coming up!  Tonight’s episode is sponsored by The Eyes for Editing.