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Listen To The Show

Today at 2:00 pm est I had the pleasure of being on Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein’s radio talk show, Authors & Technology.  You can listen to it below… I think I talked her ear off.  Sorry Dr. Barbara!

Listen to internet radio with DrX Barbara Holstein on Blog Talk Radio

✫(¯`♥ Feeling the Love ♥´¯)✫

©Lyric Navarita

Today has been one of those awesome days when you can feel the love in everything and you know you’re over the hump… everything gets better from here.

First off, we got our new lease signed.  Tomorrow we are able to move to a much nicer place in a better school district.

Later I found that Lyric Navarita, the driving force behind the MWGA had gotten her copy of No Money Marketing and shared it everywhere. Seeing my book sitting on her laptop with the page already turned down as a bookmark warmed my heart.  Every writer wants to see their books ragged and well read.

When I came on to do my nightly post I found that Dandilyon Fluff broke 25,000 views tonight and, according to WebStats, is worth just over $1,000.  Yay!  Check plz!  Finally, I always love to see a viral share.  Roxie from Roxie’s Blog shared our anthology contest information on her site.  This is a good way for authors to get exposure while helping animals in need so please share, share, share!

Tomorrow we’ll be busy packing, moving and switching utilities and there’s no internet at the new place yet so my next post may be less thrilled as I tap away on Subway’s borrowed wi-fi.  I think I’ll still have enough love left over from today to see me thru ♥

The Importance of Marketing…

A Genuine Book Store

So far I’ve done book signings at artwalks and art galleries but I’ve had yet to sign in a real book store.  Today that changed when I got to sit at The Book Rack.  It was wonderful.

I’d forgotten how much I loved to be in a bookstore.  The intoxicating musk of loved pages tingling dustily in the back of my nose… the covers whispering promises of mystery from their shadowy shelves.  Closing my eyes I could almost hear the voices from a thousand tales trying to entice me; a harem of paper reclining together, waiting to entertain.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful day.  Thank you to everyone at The Book Rack for making it that way.  Experience the literal joy for yourself by visiting them at 29 E Miracle Strip Pkwy or call 850-243-8020 for more info.

Signing @ The Book Rack

No Money Marketing Trailer

I have a new book trailer thanks to Ember Marketing and I love it!  It was a complete surprise and I haven’t even had time to really enjoy it yet myself but here it is for your viewing pleasure.  Introducing (drumroll) the No Money Marketing Official Trailer.



Today I want to let you know about some of the exciting events happening in Second Life right now, particularly the MWGA Expo.

The top names in media are participating making it an invaluable opportunity for networking.  If you are trying to promote your book, art, blog, etc. I urge you to participate.




Norfolk Slim City – MWGA will be hosting the first in-world
Second Life media expo June 1 through July 8, bringing together Second Life’s
major media all under one roof.

“MWGA created an annual media expo to celebrate business as
a whole in Second Life,” MWGA owner Lyric Navarita said. “This is a way for
businesses, as well as the publishing industry, to get together and mingle with
guests on a more personable level. I hope this expo opens a new form of communication
and sparks interest to be more involved in what our platform has to offer – an
opportunity to learn more about the publishing industry through our workshops,
engage with those within the industry via social and networking activities and
celebrate the achievements of businesses in Second Life.”

Several workshops will be offered on site from professionals
in the media industry on a range of topics from their experiences in their
fields, production and publishing and distribution technologies. A final
workshop will also include applying guided imaginary to the SL experience from
Pura Vida Wellness Resort.

“The MWGA Expo is a unique event raising awareness of
the talent and diversity of media available in SL and will hopefully encourage
new people to participate in this constantly evolving industry,” MWGA
Media Expo participant MANIERA LLC’s COO Aphrodite Brianna said.

Performances will also be held by radio’s KHNY Honey 103
(June 16) and BoSL Radio (June 17) as well as dance troop Dazzlers (July 8). A
media panel will be held later in the month to discuss various industry topics,
and an awards banquet will finish off the expo July 8 and recognize elites in
their fields at The Rose Theatre. Banquet guest speakers include Avenue Staff
Writer Spruce Canning and MANIERA LLC CEO Topaz Joubert.

Media representatives will be available from some of the
most prominent media in their fields, including: Metaverse Broadcasting
Company/The Metaverse Tribune, Press Pass Media Group, SL Enquirer, Best of
Second Life Magazine/BOSL Radio, AvCON Magazine, Too Sexy Magazine, ICON
Magazine, MANIERA LLC, Zindra Expo, InWorld Magazine,,
Friday Night Talk Show, PlsRadio, KHNY Honey 103 and media distribution
technology giant SasTech.


An international association catering to SECOND LIFE®
publishing industry. This association was founded September 2010 by Lyric
Navarita under the principals of “unifying the community for a greater
learning experience,” MWGA caters to the growth of this industry through
providing educational workshops, social and networking events.

This non-profit association allows Elites (magazine/blog
owners) to send members information about their latest magazine/blog issues,
job opportunities, magazine/blog related events including fund-raising and ad
rates. Members are encouraged to participate in social and networking events to
engage our elites on a more personable level.

Every year, we invite businesses and publishers to
participate in our Media Expo which allows guests to network and learn about
this industry. During the Expo events we have engaging activities, workshops, a
fashion show, awards ceremony to celebrate our elites and party.

MWGA’s mission is to establish an environment where
professionals can learn, grow and celebrate creativity at its best. We are here
to educate our guests and our elites selflessly participate to enhance the
experience. MWGA has been featured in Avenue Inc, Maniera LLC, InWorld Life
Style and Dope Magazines, and guest appearances on Ambrosia Live, Spotlight TV,
Plsradio Live. Our membership has expanded from the USA to overseas regions as
far as UK, Poland, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, Italy to Australia. For
more information about MWGA contact Lyric Navarita or e-mail us at

Mae On The Book Rack (BGW #7)

Today I released the final End of Mae book (for now…) into the wild.  I’ve had so much fun with this that I plan to continue Wild Release Wednesdays with the books I wind up receiving for review as well as my own.

Who knew Bookcrossing would be such a fun obsession?  If you love something set it free… after you register and number it of course!

This final copy of End of Mae was left at The Book Rack on Miracle Strip Parkway/98.  This is appropriate because I will be making an appearance there on June 26th from 11 to 3 pm.  I’ll be excited to talk about marketing, writing and marketing your writing so put it on your calendars!  Both books will be available for purchase and signing.

And speaking of books being available – if you haven’t gotten a copy of End of Mae yet at The Book Rack it’s selling for almost a dollar less than Amazon and there’s no shipping costs!  Support local business and local writers while saving money.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Here’s the info:

29 E Miracle Strip Parkway SW
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
(850) 243-8020

Get directions from Google maps

Getting Creative with Minecraft & Mae

No Money Marketing is finally available in paperback!  It will be joining the Amazon selection within the week.

Just a quick little movie tonight that my daughter put together to show you some of the variety you can have when marketing your work.

She created my original book trailer using Second Life for filming.  Here my daughter experiments with the crazy block game phenom called Minecraft.  See the rest of her videos on her Ember Marketing channel – 1,337 subscribers strong! 

My Day: Copy, Paste, Send & Refresh

Just a quick post tonight… I’m in the middle of sending ebooks out to troops stationed overseas for Memorial Day and it’s turning out to be a lot more labor intensive than I thought.  It’s part of Operation eBook Drop sponsored by Smashwords.

The bulk email list isn’t working for me so every email has to be copy and pasted multiple times from a list of what seems like a thousand at least.  I can’t complain tho – I’m sitting here in my kitchen next to my sons while I work.  They are far away missing their families.  I can do a little copy and pasting gladly.

Because No Money Marketing just came out I’m sending that as well as End of Mae.  The new Marketing has been available for less than 24 hours and it was at #51 in top Amazon books in its class earlier today.  By the time I got back to my computer it was already back up to 61.  I, of course, had to screenshot the accomplishment anyways.  I think I’ll print it and slide it in the photo album next to my kids as a joke for them to find someday.

Sending No Money Marketing overseas as a gift to our soldiers seems like a good way to start it off with some good karma ;p With all that karma maybe I will see a glimpse of #1.  THAT would be worth a screenshot to frame on my wall.  I keep refreshing the page hoping it will climb back up.

Until then, I’m back to copy, pasting and sending ebook codes while I chat with my sons (with the occasional refresh).  It’s the least I can do for those out there who are doing so much for me with so much less.