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Story Behind the Story

All month long I’ve been talking about my first book, End of Mae, but I think the story behind End of Mae is even more interesting than the tales of Heylel and his crew.  My book was started because of an argument at a writer’s conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Years later it was finished to serve as my test subject for marketing experiments.

Along the way I developed into a hybrid writer, alternating between detailed reporting and fantasy.  I like to think of myself as a factional writer – riding the fence between fiction and fact.  The two weave together so beautifully from project to project.

In my story Mae works for The Community News, a real newspaper in the area.  The entire story was inspired by a real article I did for the same paper on the Jersey Devil.  Then I wrote a book about the book to tell how I marketed it.  Essentially a newspaper article spawned a novella which birthed a book which is growing up into a series.

The book that came from the book was born premature.   I hurriedly published it in ebook as we left Australia last year and many of you are familiar with the grey and blue cover – that cover and title was from street art created by Peter Drew .  The alley artist of Adelaide, I was a fan of his long before I knew who he was.  The writing of the original book was rushed.  I knew we were leaving the country and thought if I waited to get settled before writing it I would forget.

The writing may have been hurried but the research wasn’t.  I obsessed over it for months, running tests on my fictional guinea pig and recording the results.  The resulting book is called No Money Marketing: All You Need Is Like.  It’s just recently been reworked and professionally edited and as of today is available in on Kindle and Smashwords.

By tomorrow I expect the paperback version to be up on Amazon, and within weeks it will be available in the Bad Girls Art Gallery and some independent bookstores.  I’ll be signing both books on June 15th at Artwalk and teaching my first class on No Money Marketing on June 30th.  I find myself a little in awe today as the messages popped up in my inbox;  My files were accepted.  My new book was for sale.

One year ago on this date I had a dream to be a published author.  I was working feverishly in our one room flat in Adelaide, Australia.  I borrowed my husband’s desktop and his antiquated ‘craptop’ to do my work causing my files to be spread everywhere and much writing to vanish in cyberspace.  I worked like a crazy person, hunched over the keyboard not noticing the sweat running down my back due to lack of air conditioning.

A year has brought huge changes to my life.  I’m now a published author twice.  I’ve sold my first book steadily and have gotten to ‘feel famous’ doing signings, readings and radio interviews.  Now that the second one is finished I’m moving into teaching classes locally and virtually.  I even get fan mail and every comment and email still amazes me.

Despite all the exciting changes, enough things stay the same to keep me grounded.  Steady sales don’t mean riches – they mean the same 15 to 20 books always seem to get purchased every month.  I have a day job to pay bills.  I do have my own laptop now to keep my work from being spread everywhere.  It’s a good one too so I no longer have to worry about writing getting dumped and lost if I don’t save every paragraph.  And I still work like a crazy person, hunched over the keyboard not noticing the sweat running down my back due to lack of air conditioning.

Whatever the next year brings, tonight I’m celebrating that both books are finally ready, polished up and making their way on their own.  I have four children made of flesh and blood, two made of page and spine and one impending grandchild.

This life is turning out to be one interesting ride and I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend.

Infected by Black Tide

I have to cancel tonight’s post because I’ve been infected by Black Tide.

Don’t worry, it’s not contagious and is harmless other than inflaming my imagination and causing sleeplessness.  Black Tide is a book I just started reading by Del Stone Jr.

I bought this book earlier because I happen to know Del locally.  My intention was to read a chapter to get a taste before setting it aside until I had more time.  That was about 6 hours ago.

Since picking up this book I have been mesmerized.  I can’t even give it a proper review because I’m not done with it yet.  All my brain can process at this moment is, Will the raft work?  That idiot Scotty should have listened!  What if it’s moved further inland?  I knew there was something nasty in the water!

I apologize for deserting you this evening but I am out of here to find out what happens next.  Black Tide has the tight realism of Stephen King.  The characters are fleshed out completely and the vivid descriptions of the area are astounding.  Anyone looking for a good SF thriller will love Black Tide.

This is a hidden gem that deserves to be a crown jewel, illustrating my point exactly that many beautiful creations are hidden due to a lack of marketing.  This needs to be a bestseller.  And now I’m gone so I can finish it.

They are about to try out the raft!

Bad Girls Book Club Today!

Calling all local readers & writers!  I’ll be back later with an update…

Every Author Needs an Artwalk

Mr. Smith made a charming salesman...

FWB ArtWalk was, in a word, amazing.

To see strangers walking down the sidewalk with my book in their hand was an unbelievable feeling.  All my sales so far have been anonymous thru Amazon and Smashwords… to see the people who were taking my work home was humbling.  I hope they like it!

I also met so many great people – the owner (Kristie?) at Ivey Ladies Boutique is an amazing person who balances being a great mom with being a great business woman.  The owners of Shangri-La were fun and talked with us a bunch about the spooky pinewoods of New Jersey.  How about the guy who said he usually only bought Kindle books but bought a paperback copy “for the bathroom”?  I loved you all.

For the Kindle Guy: End of Mae is on Kindle for .99 (I was trying to tell you that)… but why can’t your Kindle go in there too?

My favorite experience of the night, and probably for the month, involved a woman and her daughter.  I was walking into a shop to ask for change when I saw a teenager holding a copy of my book.  I was surprised and happy of course and I said, “Hey!  I recognize that book!”  Just as I said it the mom said, “Oh my goodness, I recognize you from the back of the book – you’re the author!”  We had a good little chat and for a few moments I felt famous.  It was awesome ;p

For that mom and her daughter: Thank you for that – I hope you like the story – feel free to email me and let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!

To sum it up, Artwalk was a great experience. Turns out my husband is the perfect salesman and all I had to do was sit back and enjoy.  We sold more books than I expected, surpassing our goal and making us excited for next month.

By then we should have paperback copies of No Money Marketing so things will really be hopping…. I better bring more change!

Surprise Release to Celebrate

Last night I finished No Money Marketing and sent it to Amy Eye for formatting.  I am so excited to have this book finally ready for paperback I can hardly sit still.  To celebrate I’m doing a surprise book release!

Since I have to go to work I’ll be leaving the book there around 11:00am.  I’ll take a photo and post it on my Facebook when it’s officially been dropped.  Then I get to sit around and see who comes for it ;D  This book is signed and numbered as #3.

I don’t have a photo of the drop yet so I’ll be back tonight to fill in the details and do the actual photo.  In the meantime, here’s a photo of the new, redesigned No Money Marketing cover.

So watch Facebook for the actual drop and I’ll tell you all about it when I come home tonight.  Now I have to get ready…