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I’d like to welcome Austin Gragg and Anthony R. Rhodes to the Space and Time team. Austin will be stepping in as editor-in-chief and Anthony will be taking over layout. Both Austin and Anthony are already familiar faces at Space and Time. Austin has been a contributing editor for awhile and Anthony has been doing illustrations since before I was part of S&T.

While we expect growing pains, we are happy to be growing. The Space and Time family has expanded as well as opportunities for writers to publish and get feedback… but more on that very soon. We have a big job ahead of us to get our expanded team onboarded and a new workflow built.

Because of this, I’m delaying the next issue of the magazine to next spring with huge apologies. I know our authors, artists and poets are excited to see their work in print and I’ll have some more announcements very soon. There are some good things coming in the very near future—September 8th to be exact. All shall soon be revealed…

For now, huge congratulations and thanks to both Austin and Anthony.

About Austin Gragg:
Austin Gragg is a writer and editor. He has been a finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest and Publishers Weekly has praised his fantasy horror as “decadent.” Austin is the editor in chief at Space & Time Magazine – one of genre’s oldest still running publications. Formerly, Austin has been an IT specialist and a public librarian. He lives in Independence, MO with his partner, daughter, and a pride of small domestic lions. You can follow Austin on Twitter and Instagram (@austingragg) or visit him online at

From Anthony Ryan Rhodes:
I’m a quiet person who long ago enjoyed making art. For over 25 years I worked with persons with disabilities or studied to do so and made no art whatsoever. That changed in 2015 when I discovered the writings of fellow Tulsan, R.A. Lafferty.

My clients have included Google (logo design), Ktistec Press (interior artwork and cover layout), LAFFCON (poster art, booklet cover art and interior layout), as well as logo design for small businesses. My illustrations have appeared in LOCUS Magazine, Space and Time Magazine, and multiple volumes of Feast of Laughter: An Appreciation of R. A. Lafferty.

You can find Anthony R. Rhodes online here.


UPDATE! The #141 issue of Space & Time magazine is postponed until this September to be combined in a Summer/Autumn issue. There will be no Winter issue. There are a few reasons this decision was made, the majority of them pandemic related.

The S&T staff has been amazing throughout this difficult time. Throughout 2020 and 2021 they have kept up. Because of it, we’ve been able to release dozens of new stories, poems and illustrations into the world in spite of it all. Collectively, we’ve had sick staff. We’ve lost loved ones, gained new family members and changed houses, and even countries.

Through out all of this, they have come through. And they do this as volunteers. Anything the magazine makes goes back into paying authors, poets and artists. The S&T family is like no other group of people I have known.

Beginning with 2022, Space & Time will continue with two issues per year. There will be a Spring/Summer #142 issue in April and a Summer/Fall #143 issue in October. We are still selecting more fiction, and then all the poetry and fiction we have purchased so far will be in this next issue. More fiction selections will be picked for the final issue of 2021.

Given the nature of what we’ve all just been through, and what looks like a repeat experience, we are buckling in. Our focus is on our speculative community of creatives and readers. Times have been weird. Times have been tough. Good thing we are both tough and weird.

Behind the scenes, we have been re-evaluating 2020 and what we all missed the most during that time: connecting with each other and having the opportunities to continue working as artists. We’ve been thinking of ways we can fill that need beyond the Zoom calls. We are still working on things but we hope to be engaging in a whole new way very soon.

But rest assured, the magazine isn’t going anywhere. Space & Time has survived since 1966 and will continue for decades to come. Anything that was created from a high schooler and a mimeograph machine can be classified as undead, and therefore immortal. Space & Time is both, all of the above and more. There will be another update with announcements soon, but for now, I need to get back to work. I still have a magazine to finish.


I’ll be poking around Camp Necon (aka Camp V-Con) all weekend starting with Making Your Word(s) Count: The Best Short Fiction of the Pandemic kaffeeklatsche beginning tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST.

Camp V-Con is FREE to all Campers who are already registered for Necon 40 (now being held July 21st to 24th, 2022). Registration for all other Campers IS NOW OPEN HERE. The cost is $25.00 for the virtual weekend.

Entertainment blocks will be every evening beginning tonight, kaffeeklatsches on Friday afternoon (7/16), panels all day Saturday (7/17), and a slate of special offerings for Sunday morning (7/18). See the official Camp V-Con programming schedule here.


It’s official, Gordon Linzner, the Father of Space & Time has been declared a a living secular Patron Saint of Speculative Ink. This candle is guaranteed to kindle reluctant muses, warm your décor and channel blessings to your page. Plus, $1 of every sale comes back to Space & Time magazine to pay for more poetry, art and prose. Thank you Dearly Beloved Creations for this tribute to our favorite living saint 🖤

I’m gathering all my favorite creators to link up on a page here on this blog and Dearly Beloved Creations will be there. She is a fabulous artist and now friend. I’m collecting her gorgeous candles… Ziggy Stardust is in the mail.

Gordon Linzner, Patron Saint of Speculative Ink


The new prompt for April’s exquisite corpse is now posted on the Space & Time site. You can also submit your line on the same page. Last month’s corpse had a great turn out and will be ready to post very soon. All community built exquisite corpse poems will be printed in Space & Time with poets credited in order of their contribution. The new prompt is POETIC JUST US. Go HERE to share a line.

Another bit of Poetry Month news: I still have TWO spots open for my first online open mic. We will be using StreamYard just like the Galactic Terrors readings. If you haven’t seen Galactic Terrors yet, go here to check them out. I’ve had the privilege of reading with them before, and on their last show Ryan was a guest. Great format, great show.

If you’d like to participate in the coming open mic and read your own work, sign up by sending me an email via the handy contact form here. I have four TWO open spots left. That will take place this Friday, April 16 at 6 pm CST. This will also be recorded and posted on this blog, Twitch and my Facebook profile. This will be my first event like this, so it will be an adventure!


How big can an exquisite corpse get? The biggest one I’ve ever put together was around 40-50 lines. With National Poetry Month around the corner I want to see if we can beat that. Makes me wonder… is there a world’s record for longest community built poem? If you know, drop a link in the comments. For now, consider going over to Space and Time’s exquisite corpse page and submit a line. The prompt is “End of the Rainbow.”

Collect your thoughts
distill them in phrase
drop them in the cauldron
and see what we raise!


Congratulations to the Grawlix Growlers and all the Flash Battle writers from the LAJD 1:1 match up. LYDIA PRIME earned 25 points for the Grawlix Growlers with A.F. STEWART, JOSHUA E. BORGMANN and DAVID NIALL WILSON each bringing in 10 points. Read the LAJD 1:1 entries here.

Congratulations to the Paradox Pandas and all the Flash Battle writers from the FADE 1:2 match up. FELICIA MARTINEZ earned 25 points for the Paradox Pandas with ALINA MĂCIUCĂ, ELAD HABER and DANI J. CAILE each bringing in 10 points. Read the FADE 1:2 entries here.

Paradox Pandas have moved up to 35 points, closing in on the Grawlix Growlers with Syntax Serpents in third at 20 points. Malaphor Minotaurs are in last place with 0 points.

Want to be a battle writer? Link to sign up here!

LAJD 1:1
FADE 1:2


Looking to get your work published? I’ll be talking submissions (and representing SPACE & TIME) next week along with DREAMFORGE publisher and editor-in-chief Scot M. Noel and ABYSS & APEX editor Wendy S. Delmater on Wednesday, March 3, at 8 p.m. EST. No worries if you can’t make it. I’ll be sure to share it here. Find Russ’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster channel on YouTube here.


Don’t you wish there was an easy free way to be exposed to new readers, find feedback on your work and show off your awesome skills? It would be really great if it was fun and foster writer friendships too. Good news—everything I just said is open for sign ups right now. It’s called Flash Battles. Can’t wait to find out more? Find out all the details here.

How do you participate in this magic? It’s easy. Sign up to be on a team. You can choose from the MALAPHOR MINOTAURS, GRAWLIX GROWLERS, SYNTAX SERPENTS or the PARADOX PANDAS. Once you sign up you get randomly chosen to participate in a Flash Battle. Don’t worry if your invite comes at a bad time. You will have a week to let us know you are ready to battle. If you aren’t, your name just goes back into the pool and you can play at a better time.

If you are ready to battle you will be paired with three other writers. You will all be given the same prompts, word count and time to write up your bit of speculative 500 word flash fiction. Then voting is opened up to readers. Readers can vote once for every story they like. Every vote is a point. Points get awarded to your team. Simple.

Now here’s the really cool part: some of these stories will be chosen to be published in the magazine and read by Ryan Aussie Smith on Space and Time‘s YouTube channel here—with your permission, of course.

One of the most important things you can do to make a name as a writer is to get published. Here’s an easy, fun and free way to do just that regularly. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a team to sign up with. I’m thinking I might join the Syntax Serpents…

What are you waiting for? Find out all the details here.


Remember our poor exquisite corpse? Last spring it was thriving, well fed on all the bits of poetry we fed it as a community. Then the pandemic kicked in and, like many things in 2020, it went into hibernation. But here it is… proving you can’t keep a good corpse down—or is that kill what’s already undead? Regardless, January 2021 brings our friend back to life.

Don’t worry if you missed it. We will build a new corpse beginning next February 13th and you can add your bit until the 19th. Can we keep a new corpse coming each month all year? This is the challenge, and it’s up to you. This corpse can’t build itself.

Read (and download) the whole exquisite corpse here.

Edge of Hope—Exquisite Corpse January 2021