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Announcing New PUBLISHER SHOWCASE here.

There is always more poetry than there are pages for, but I have unlimited space here. The idea behind my PUBLISHER SHOWCASE is to provide another opportunity for poets at all levels to get more time exposure. If your poem is selected, you will also be invited to record a video and audio reading of your piece to accompany the printed version. Details here!

Space & Time #142 marks a triumph for current editor-in-chief Austin Gragg who navigated the literary wilderness to bring these finds to the page. Includes art, poetry and prose by Linda D. Addison, Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito, Gordon Linzner, John Grey, Debasish Mishra, Andrea Mungiello, Dennis Maulsby, Sean Joseph Pino, Michael Wyatt, Marge Simon, Benjamin Henry, Sean Eads, Joshua Viola, Purbasha Roy, Colleen Anderson, Daniel M. Kimmel, Lena Ng, Marcus Whalbring, E. E. King, Maria Zoccola, Terrie Leigh Relf, Aaron Sandberg, Angel Leal, Rina Inae, Kelly Talbot, Francis W. Alexander, Maxwell I. Gold, Mary Soon Lee, Jay Sturner, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Geneve Flynn, Briant Laslo, Randall Andrews, Chong May Yin, Carina Bissett, Archie Abaire, Seth Jani, Angela Acosta, John Urbancik, Ara Hone, Lynn I. Hsu, Carol Edwards, Allen Beck, Kyra Starr, Shikhar Dixit, Arthur Haywood, Brad W. Foster, Al Sirois, Mark Levine, and Doug Draper.

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The UK Ghost Story Festival is taking place on Wednesday 15th February, with a workshop from Char Baker and a panel on UNQUIET SPIRITS with Nadia Bulkin K.P. Kulski Rena Mason Lindy Ryan and Angela Yuriko Smith! Tickets for the festival go on sale tomorrow, so even if you can’t join us in Derby you can still take part from home…

Written by Adrienne Wong. Read original at here.

Thank you Lindy Ryan and LitReactor for this! Time is flying by and before we know it UNQUIET SPIRITS will be unleashed. With Lee Murray. Read the Lit Reactor column here.

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Interested in helping guide the future of Space & Time? Volunteer your time to slush read. A great way to improve your own submissions as you get the inside editors view of what works and what doesn’t.

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SOFT DEADLINES, my serialized paranormal romance is available to read on Kindle Vella.

About the story: Naomi is a woman waking up to realize life is passing her by. Duncan is a six foot tall blue incubus trying to get some rest. He finds it with Naomi, and possibly something more. If only they can get his ex to leave them alone. It’s hard to hide from a jealous succubus. Find it on Kindle Vella here.

Published in 2021

Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas from Hex Publishing. A BookLife editor’s pick! Available now.

Don’t Break the Oath: Women in Horror Vol. 4 from Kandisha Press. Available now.

Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. from Yuriko Publishing. Here are just a few of the reviews from the first week. Available now.

Giving the Devil His Due from Running Wild. Available now.

Weirdbook Annual: Zombies! from Wildside Press. Available now.

Mark My Words: Read the Submission Guidelines and other Self-editing Tips from Yuriko Publishing. Available now.

It happened! Tortured Willows won the 2021 Bram Stoker Awards® for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection and “Horror Writers: Architects of Hope” won for Superior Achievement in Short Non-Fiction! TWO Bram Stoker Awards!