From Space & Time magazine and beyond, Authortunities is a weekly calendar newsletter stuffed with opportunities for authors read across 50 US states and 36 countries. This is my personal calendar of author opportunities that I began to share with my mailing list in early 2023.

In this calendar you’ll find 🟢 newly opened submissions, 🔴 submission deadlines, ⭐ events for authors, ♻️ reprint markets, 📚 educational opportunities, 🏆 awards, 💲 available grants and more, all in calendar format and coded by emoji.

Weekly Authortunities in your inbox.

Here’s what it looks like:

I search a lot of places to gather this information and they all deserve credit. I look through these once a week for new opportunities as well as subscribe to quite a few newsletters so you don’t have to. I’m also happy to share my sources.

Here are some of my favorite sources: