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Lizards, Spiders & Pirantulas—oh MY!

Some October plans have changed and there’s a new book signing scheduled for Oct. 17 from 1-4 p.m. at Cafe Bienville… with Robin Wiesneth! If that were not enough awesome for you, there will be some delicious incentives added in as well.

Robin Wiesneth

Robin Wiesneth

This will be a rare chance to have your books signed by both author and illustrator of both The Library Lizard and The Christmas Spiders. We will also be signing our other books, and my newest offering of Pirantulas! will be available for the first time in a collectable square paperback.

Mark it in your calendar now—Angela Yuriko Smith and Robin Wiesneth jointly signing their books at Cafe Bienville, 314 Bayshore Drive, Niceville, on Oct. 17 from 1-4 p.m.

Free Monsters!

Monsters Are Everywhere

Monsters Are Everywhere

Just a quick peek in to let you know that Monsters Are Everywhere is officially published and free today… Don’t Worry, Star is free for a few more hours.

Monsters is absolutely beautiful and Mary-Anne Leslie‘s illustrations are amazing. Get your free copy today and leave us a review to tell us how we did 🙂

And now… I’m back to work!


Review: SHARKK Backlit Ultrathin iPad Keyboard

IMG_20140630_201815_999After three tries I finally found the perfect keyboard for the iPad: the SHARKK Backlit Ultrathin iPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard by this progressive company called SHARKK.

I love writing with this new set up. It syncs up to the iPad almost instantly for quick typing and the response is immediate.

The keys just feel good and they are back lit with a range of zazzy colors to choose from. The keyboard clips to the iPad securely and easily with magnets and the sleek aluminum profile looks good, feels good and is professional without being boring. I can’t say enough good things about this keyboard. It’s so fun to work with I bet it even cures writer’s block ;D

Here’s my video review on the subject – thanks to first time camera man xmonkeydoox for helping me create it!

Journal Jabber – Alicia Sparks – Radio Show 6·1·14

jj1After a few glitches and a lot of learning, the new Journal Jabber shows are starting to come out.  Listen in as Alicia Sparks heats things up as we chat about her newest release, “Sin Bin,” hockey and her birthday.

Journal Jabber on YouTube!

Here it is – the first Journal Jabber show in it’s new home, nestled comfortably on the Ember Spark channel.  What a great first show as well – four authors of microfiction pit pen and prose against each other in a battle of words to see which will walk away as the Iron Writer 2014.

Future shows will be posted on the channel and we will start posting the archives as well.  We will have more freedom to do extra shows and be much more creative than our former platform allowed.  Please have a listen, like and share.  Subscribe to catch them all!

Thanks Ember for hosting Journal Jabber on your channel!


Free Bonejangles & Joon Until Midnight

Free for Reviews 2I’m trying to focus on promoting my two latest books, Mr. Bonejangles and End of Joon. These books have been my poor neglected babies.

They came into the world at a time when I was too busy to do much more than give them a kiss on the head before they both went on the shelf to gather dust.

To rectify my neglect, I am offering both books free on Kindle until midnight tonight. Please grab them and give me an honest review on Amazon.

To everyone who has grabbed them already, thank you!  I just checked the status, and End of Joon was ranked #11,922 on Amazon and Mr. Bonejangles was #3,321 and broke onto the Top 100 list for Short Story Collections, single author, at #58.

Find them only on Amazon:

End of Joon

Mr. Bonejangles

Christmas Lites is HERE… in my hand!

Christmas Lites 1I just got my paperback copy of Christmas Lites III and I have to say this is the most beautiful anthology I have ever held. The typography and graphics inside are crisp and perfectly laid out.

The cover, by Kyra Cato, is stunning. The title art by Crystal Bozeman Clifton is rich and lovely. The authors that participated are some of the best there is and range from experienced NY Times bestsellers to brand new talent waiting to be discovered.

Compiled by Amy Eye, I have to say this is more orchestrated rather than “compiled.” This is a work of literary art, visually, literally.  The richness comes019 through in the stories and art. The cause is a worthy one – every penny from this book goes to fight domestic violence with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, ncadv.org.

I am so proud to be included in the Christmas Lites anthologies, my third year of involvement.  It means a lot to me to be able to do what I love to help make a difference.


Halloween Special 2013

JJ Halloween Special

Click here to listen.


Tonight we have a special treat – four authors converge to read their favorite dark tales.  Sit back, turn down your lights and prepare to be spooked.  The authors reading are Bracken MacLeod, Angella Jacob, Sarah Butland and your hostess, Angela Yuriko Smith.  See links to their work in the comments section below.

Thank you to The Eyes for Editing for sponsoring this show, and thank you to Kyra Cato for editing a bunch of sound bytes into an amazing show.

For future shows, check the schedule.

Revisiting “Capitalism At Its Best – Happy “You’re Broke” Day”

NOTE: With all the financial panic and government mayhem I’ve been going through some of my early posts and find them even more pertinent today than ever.  I hope you enjoy this trip back to some of Dandilyon Fluff’s earlier offerings.  This was originally posted July 5, 2010, before we ever conceived of a city calling bankruptcy or a government shutdown. 

Recession CardsYou know the economy is in trouble when you can walk into Walmart and find Recession and Sympathy for Your Job Loss greeting cards.

The jokes are a painful reminder of how much most of our lives have changed.  Years ago it was unusual to actually know someone who had filed bankruptcy, been laid off or had a house foreclosure.

Admitting to financial failure had as much social stigma attached to it as admitting you were gay.  Now neither topic is taboo and everyone knows someone who is.

So what do Americans do to express the new status quo of financial impotence?  We send greeting cards to soothe and uplift each other.  For under $5 you can send a colorful and funny sentiment to say “I care”.  Add a coffee mug for another $10, maybe a quippy T-shirt and a few biscotti mummified in cellophane and you have the perfect way to say “I’m sorry the economy sucks so bad” for about $30.  That’ll cheer anyone up.

Americans drop cash like pigeons drop poo.  We think nothing of popping by the fast food drive thru and passing over a twenty in exchange for watered soda, cold faux fries and a burger who’s first ingredient is “fibrous byproducts”.

We can’t tie the knot without tying ourselves to years of debt, express love without diamonds or have girl time without $5 coffee.  We are a nation of drivers that scream about oil spills.  We want change but not if we have to.

And that has all led us to where we are today with a wrecked environment and a tanked economy.  The biggest thing about us anymore is our waistlines.  We used to be known for being a nation of strength and integrity.  Now we are famous for our whines.

Recent politics promised us change, but the only change we have seen is a lack of it in our pockets.  Perhaps it’s time to get back to the ‘can do/make do’ attitude that saw us through the Great Depression before this era becomes its financial sequel.  It’ll take cooperation, sacrifice and determination… and maybe passing up the Recession greeting cards.

Dandilyon Fluff contributor Angela Yuriko Smith

J.G. Faherty on Journal Jabber TONIGHT!

faherty 1Listen up!  It’s that month, the wonderful month of October when all horror aficionados feel the hair on the back of their necks began to prick like tiny ants marching up and down their tingling spines.

Amy Eye has ousted me as the Hostess with the Mostess and is conducting this interview of the delightfully creepy J.G. Faherty herself.

The author of such rare morsels such as Carnival of FearThe Ghosts of Coronado Bay and Cemetery Club, he will divulge all his darkest and most terrifying secrets for your listening ears.

Turn down the lights and don’t look behind you.  The show is about to begin.

Tonight’s show is sponsored by The Eyes for Editing, check out the formatting specials for the month of October!

To see what’s coming up, check the schedule.

Dandilyon Fluff contributor Angela Yuriko Smith