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✫(¯`♥ Feeling the Love ♥´¯)✫

©Lyric Navarita

Today has been one of those awesome days when you can feel the love in everything and you know you’re over the hump… everything gets better from here.

First off, we got our new lease signed.  Tomorrow we are able to move to a much nicer place in a better school district.

Later I found that Lyric Navarita, the driving force behind the MWGA had gotten her copy of No Money Marketing and shared it everywhere. Seeing my book sitting on her laptop with the page already turned down as a bookmark warmed my heart.  Every writer wants to see their books ragged and well read.

When I came on to do my nightly post I found that Dandilyon Fluff broke 25,000 views tonight and, according to WebStats, is worth just over $1,000.  Yay!  Check plz!  Finally, I always love to see a viral share.  Roxie from Roxie’s Blog shared our anthology contest information on her site.  This is a good way for authors to get exposure while helping animals in need so please share, share, share!

Tomorrow we’ll be busy packing, moving and switching utilities and there’s no internet at the new place yet so my next post may be less thrilled as I tap away on Subway’s borrowed wi-fi.  I think I’ll still have enough love left over from today to see me thru ♥