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Gourmet salad to-go Jar…

Salad Jar IdeaWhat is it about canning jars that make us crazy?

We package cookie and soup mixes in them and make solar lights in them. The latest, greatest jar creation that seems to be creating a buzz is a practical one I actually want to try – salad in a jar.

The idea is that you can make a salad in a jar, using a particular order of ingredients, and it will keep for a week. The implications are obvious… you could easily pop out five salads on a Sunday afternoon and have a cheap, healthy lunch all week.

I’m going to try it – cheap, healthy, easy and ecological… all my favorite criteria 🙂 I’m going to try it this weekend. Here’s how:

Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Sunflower seeds
Hard boiled eggs
Baby spinach

1) Arrange ingredients in a large mason jar
2) Store in fridge for up to a week
3) When ready to eat: shake jar, place on a plate, and eat!

You can make any arrangement you want… you can add red onion, cucumbers, radishes or peppers. Always remember to put the dressing at the bottom and the lettuce at the top—a MUST!