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Thoughts on the 10-15 Panhandle Focus…

I just finished the fifth issue of the Panhandle Focus and it will be up on the website at some point today. This is the best issue yet. The first papers were hurried affairs as I tried to adjust myself … Continue reading

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Broken tech? Call Sarge!

Anyone in the Emerald Coast area looking for an iPad and cell phone repair shop – try Sarge’s Cellular in Valparaiso. Awhile back I mentioned that my beloved iPad, gift from my daughter, had been dropped and was caput.  I kept … Continue reading

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Remembering the BP Oil Spill One Year Later

The Emerald Coast, once considered one of the best beaches on the North American continent, now sits in ruin one year after the BP disaster.  Like oil on the waves, memories ride on the surface of our minds, coloring our … Continue reading

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Virtual Art Exhibit: H. Teasdale is Our Jewel on the Coast

Art mimics life, enhances it and defines our experiences.  It is completely fitting, therefore, to present art in a format that mimics life. I am pleased to announce the opening of our first virtual exhibit at House of SilverJinx.  The … Continue reading

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When I Committed Suicide – A Short Story

“Hey…haven’t seen you lately. How’s life?” I just looked at my neighbor, sitting there with no cares in the world except whether his bar-b-que was going to burn and could think of only one answer. “Cruel. Always cruel.” I answered … Continue reading

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Disasters Teach Us The Truth About Money

Awhile back I experienced my first hurricane.  While the actual storm was pretty frightening, it was the aftermath that was the truly scary experience.  I had never been in a situation before where basic things such as fresh water and … Continue reading

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